You are currently viewing Actor Varun Dhawan became a victim of Vestibular Hypofunction, it was difficult to even stand; Know its 5 serious symptoms

Actor Varun Dhawan became a victim of Vestibular Hypofunction, it was difficult to even stand; Know its 5 serious symptoms

Vestibular Hypofunction:-Actor Varun Dhawan, son of famous Bollywood director David Dhawan and making his new identity in the industry with movies like Badlapur, October, is nowadays in the promotion of Bhediya Movie Promotion. are engaged. During this he revealed that he
He was suffering from Vestibular Hypofunction.

While talking in a media conclave, Varun Dhawan also said that I was pushing myself a lot after the pandemic. Which became the cause of this disease. Due to this the balance of the body started deteriorating. However, now Varun Dhawan is fine. But people are searching this disease a lot on the internet. So you should also know the symptoms of vestibular hypofunction including its causes and prevention measures.

bediya movie start cast varun dhawan was suffering from vestibular hypofunction know the symptoms

According to Hopkins Medicine, vestibular hypofunction is a disorder that occurs when the inner ear part of your balance system stops working properly. The vestibular system is present in your inner ear that works together with the eyes and muscles to keep them balanced. But when it does not work properly, it starts sending wrong messages to the brain as a person starts having many problems.

Symptoms of vestibular hypofunction

According to the NHS, the symptoms of vestibular hypofunction depend on the cause, but most people experience dizziness, nausea, and poor balance. Apart from this, there may also be difficulty in walking in crowded places or dark rooms. Along with this, there is also a feeling of fast moving things around which can be uncomfortable.

This problem is caused by vestibular hypofunction

Vestibular hypofunction causes persistent dizziness, difficulty walking and driving. In addition, there is difficulty in falling, walking in the dark or on uneven surfaces. Also, there may be trouble in learning and finding a way.

Why is vestibular hypofunction disorder

Vestibular hypofunction disorders can be a result of medications, infections, and poor circulation to the ear. Apart from this, this problem can also occur due to accumulation of calcium debris in your semi-muscular canal and head injury.

How is vestibular hypofunction diagnosed?

Ear, nose and throat specialist can diagnose it with the help of some tests. These include hearing test, vision test, blood test, imaging test of brain, clinical test of balance etc.

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