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Afghanistan :President Ghani Flees , Taliban Take Kabul…

Afghanistan :President Ashraf Ghani escaped the country on Sunday as the Islamist fear based oppressors entered the city, saying he needed to stay away from carnage, while many Afghans frantic to leave overflowed Kabul air terminal.

Kabul: The Taliban announced the conflict in Afghanistan was over after fear based oppressors assumed responsibility for the official castle in Kabul as US-drove powers withdrew and Western countries mixed on Monday to clear their residents.

President Ashraf Ghani escaped the country on Sunday as the Islamist fear mongers entered the city, saying he needed to stay away from carnage, while many Afghans frantic to leave overflowed Kabul air terminal.

“Today is an incredible day for the Afghan public and the mujahideen. They have seen the products of their endeavors and their penances for a very long time,” Mohammad Naeem, the representative for the Taliban’s political office, disclosed to Al Jazeera TV.

“On account of God, the conflict is over in the country.”

Naeem said the sort and type of the new system in Afghanistan would be clarified soon, adding the Taliban would not like to live in disengagement and calling for quiet worldwide relations.

“We have arrived at what we were looking for, which is the opportunity of our nation and the freedom of our kin,” he said. “We won’t permit anybody to utilize our territories to target anybody, and we would prefer not to hurt others.”

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In Washington, rivals of President Joe Biden’s choice to end America’s longest conflict, dispatched after the Sept. 11, 2001, assaults, said the mayhem was brought about by a disappointment of authority.

American ambassadors were flown by helicopter to the air terminal from their international safe haven in the strengthened Wazir Akbar Khan area as Afghan powers, prepared for quite a long time and prepared by the United States and others at an expense of billions of dollars, liquefied away.

A US State Department representative said right off the bat Monday that practically all consulate faculty, including Ambassador Ross Wilson, were at the air terminal and the American banner had been brought down and eliminated from the international safe haven compound.

At Kabul air terminal, many Afghans sat tight for flights, some hauling gear across runways in obscurity, while ladies and kids rested close to security halls.

A source at the air terminal said a few fights broke out among individuals unfit to get a spot as flights were stopped.

Nearby TV 1TV revealed that different blasts were heard in the capital into the evening, however the city was generally peaceful during the day on Sunday.

Help bunch Emergency said 80 injured individuals had been brought to its clinic in Kabul, which was at limit, and that it was just conceding individuals with dangerous wounds.

In a Facebook post, Ghani said he had passed on the nation to stay away from conflicts with the Taliban that would imperil a great many occupants of Kabul.

He didn’t say where he was and it was not satisfactory where he was going or how precisely force would be moved after the Taliban’s lightning clear across Afghanistan.

Al Jazeera prior showed film of what it said were Taliban administrators in the official royal residence with many equipped warriors.

Some neighborhood web-based media clients in Kabul marked Ghani a weakling for leaving them in disarray. A tweet from the checked record of the Afghan Embassy in India said: “We are generally banging our heads in disgrace.”

Numerous Afghans dread the Taliban will get back to past cruel practices in their inconvenience of sharia, or Islamic strict law. During their 1996-2001 standard, ladies couldn’t work and disciplines like stoning, whipping and hanging were controlled.


The fear based oppressors tried to project a more moderate face, promising to regard ladies’ privileges and secure the two outsiders and Afghans.

“We are prepared to have an exchange with every Afghan figure and will promise them the vital insurance,” Naeem revealed to Al Jazeera Mubasher TV.

Joined Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres encouraged the Taliban and any remaining gatherings to practice the most extreme limitation, and communicated specific worry about the eventual fate of ladies and young ladies in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon approved another 1,000 soldiers to assist with clearing US residents and Afghans who worked for them, a US official said.

A senior US guard official told Reuters on Sunday evening in Washington that around 500 individuals, generally Americans, had so far been emptied, and that the number would ascend to 5,000 every day when all arranged US powers are in Kabul.

European countries, including France, Germany and the Netherlands, likewise said they were attempting to get residents just as some Afghan representatives out of the country.

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Russia said it saw no compelling reason to empty its consulate for the present. Turkey said its consulate would proceed with activities.


Inquired as to whether pictures of helicopters shipping work force were reminiscent of the United States’ takeoff from Vietnam in 1975, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken disclosed to ABC News: “We should make a stride back. This is obviously not Saigon.”

Biden has confronted rising homegrown analysis subsequent to adhering to an arrangement, started by his Republican archetype, Donald Trump, to end the US military mission in Afghanistan by Aug. 31.

In an explanation on Sunday, Senate Republican pioneer Mitch McConnell faulted Biden for what he called a “disgraceful disappointment of American administration”.

“Psychological militants and significant contenders like China are watching the shame of a superpower disappeared,” McConnell said.

Naeem said the Taliban would embrace an arrangement of non-impedance in others’ undertakings as a trade-off for non-obstruction in Afghanistan.

“We don’t believe that unfamiliar powers will rehash their bombed insight in Afghanistan indeed.”


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