You are currently viewing Ahoi Ashtami 2022: Fasting of Ahoi Ashtami continues, know about the fast story and auspicious time of worship

Ahoi Ashtami 2022: Fasting of Ahoi Ashtami continues, know about the fast story and auspicious time of worship

Ahoi Ashtami 2022:-In many states of North India including Delhi-NCR, lakhs of women have observed the fast of Ahoi. This fast is kept for the happiness and progress of the child. According to the Hindu calendar, Ahoi’s fast has been kept from 9.29 am on Kartik Krishna Ashtami on Monday morning. It will end on the next day i.e. on October 18 (Tuesday) at 11.57 am.

Auspicious time for worship will be in the evening

Ahoi Ashtami 2022

The auspicious time of worship on Ahoi Ashtami will be from 6.14 pm to 7.28 pm on Monday. In this sense, the total duration of worship on Ahoi Ashtami will be 1 hour 14 minutes. During the worship, Ahoi Mata is worshiped for the happiness and progress of the children.

Eating is prohibited throughout the day

Please tell that this year Ahoi Ashtami fasting is being done on Monday in Shiva Yoga. Mothers observe this fast for the health, education, intelligence, strength and longevity of their children. Women observe fasting for the whole day. After this, in the evening after the star comes out, by drawing a picture of Ahoi on the wall or by the calendar of Ahoi Ashtami worship, Ahoi Mata is worshipped. In this fast, women break their fast by offering arghya to the stars and the moon. In the country, this fast is celebrated on the fourth day from Karva Chauth.

It is forbidden for daughter-in-law to cut fruit with a knife.

Famous astrologer of Ghaziabad Shiv Kumar Sharma told that it is believed that on this day daughter-in-law women should not cut vegetables or fruits with a knife. In the evening, make a picture of Ahoi Mata on the wall with ocher and chalk or stick a calendar.

Women listen to the story of fasting

While listening to the fasting story, keep a lotus filled with water on a plate. Worship with roli, rice, incense, lamp, milk, rice etc. in front of the picture of Ahoi. By worshiping Bayana, women should give it to their mother-in-law, Jethani or any other elderly woman.

Stars will be seen in the evening

The nannies of the priests, women should take off the silver Ahoi garland worn after worship only after Diwali. During the fast in the evening, some women break the fast by looking at the star and some break the fast at the time of moon rise. The priests say that the moon will rise on Monday at 23:27 and the star will be visible from 6:15 in the evening.

The beginning of Diwali is considered to be from Ahoi Ashtami.

According to Hindu belief, the day of Ahoi Ashtami marks the beginning of the Diwali festival. According to mythological beliefs, Ahoi Mata is happy by observing the fast of Ahoi Ashtami and blesses the well being of the children. Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated just 7 days before the Ashtami of Kartik Krishna Paksha i.e. Diwali.

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