You are currently viewing America Trending news Both America’s enemies got sick, Putin is battling cancer, Xi Jinping got this terrible disease…

America Trending news Both America’s enemies got sick, Putin is battling cancer, Xi Jinping got this terrible disease…

America Trending news : America considers both China and Russia as enemies and the President of America’s enemy nation is running ill. Russian President Vladimir Putin is battling cancer, while Chinese President Xi Jinping has also suffered a serious illness. It has been said in the media report.

US Prez Joe Biden

US Prez Joe Biden

The biggest leaders of both the enemy countries of America are ill at this time. The news related to the illness of Russian President Vladimir Putin came recently. Now according to a report, Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from a serious brain disease,

vladimir putin

Russian media has quoted a Kremlin official as saying that Putin had stomach cancer and Parkinson’s disease 18 months ago. These diseases were identified by oncology test.

vladimir putin, cancer disease

Kremlin officials have been continuously claiming that Putin is healthy. Russian media has said in its claim that the top defense official of the Kremlin told that Putin is going through serious medical conditions.

Vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin, ukraine war
Doctors say that he needs an operation. But its date is not yet fixed. According to the report of the Russian journalist, Putin may also have thyroid cancer, which is being treated continuously.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin’s face was seen to be swollen during a conversation with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Apart from this, he also held the table firmly. From his body language, it seemed that he was facing a lot of trouble in sitting.

Xi Jinping putin

Shocking news has come out about Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is being told that Xi Jinping is suffering from a disease called cerebral aneurysm.

US President Joe Biden meets with China’s President Xi Jinping

Media reports have claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from Cerebral Aneurysm.

US President Joe Biden

US President  Joe Biden

Although the news of Xi Jinping’s illness has come now, but there has been speculation about his unwell. This is because he had not met any foreign leader from the beginning of the Kovid-19 epidemic until the Beijing Winter Olympics.

China President Xi Jinping

During a trip to Italy in March 2019, it was seen that Jinping was having trouble walking. At the same time, during this tour in France, he was having trouble sitting, due to which he was given support.

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