You are currently viewing Annaatthe review: Rajinikanth’s film is a colossal mess, weakest in Siva’s filmography…

Annaatthe review: Rajinikanth’s film is a colossal mess, weakest in Siva’s filmography…

Annaatthe review : Director Siva, who has held hands with entertainer Rajinikanth without precedent for Annaatthe, is nine movies old and partakes in an exceptionally high achievement rate. Siva is probably the most secure movie producer in Tamil film and is content making films by taking the attempted and-tried course.

The main time he attempted to make something out of his usual range of familiarity was the point at which he made Vivegam with Ajith, and it didn’t work in the cinematic world. He followed it up with an exceptionally unsurprising country performer, Viswasam, and it wound up as probably the greatest hit of the Tamil entertainment world.

Annaatthe review Siva’s most recent delivery Annaatthe feels like it has been made by removing a leaf from the achievement of Viswasam, however shockingly, the equation doesn’t work in the film’s approval. Notwithstanding all the publicity and Rajinikanth’s on-screen allure, Annaatthe winds up as a giant wreck, and that is understating the obvious.

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Rajinikanth plays Kaaliyan, a town president who just quits and moral reasonableness, in Annaatthe. His reality rotates around his sister Thanga Meenakshi, played by Keerthy Suresh. At the point when she gets back subsequent to finishing her schooling, Kaaliyan transforms her appearance into a stupendous festival. During the merriments, a few individuals from the family feel that it’s an ideal opportunity to get Meenakshi hitched, and they pass on something very similar to Kaaliyan.

Annaatthe review: Uncertain of the idea, Kaaliyan talks with his sister about the thought, and she lets him know that it’s his choice that matters the most to her. Meenakshi gets hitched and moves to Kolkata where she faces some obscure dangers. Exactly when she feels things are leaving her hand, her sibling goes to her guide.

Assuming Siva’s last film was about a dad little girl relationship, it’s the sibling sister relationship that he investigates in Annaatthe. While things worked in Viswasam, despite the fact that the film was high on acting, the equivalent can’t be said about Annaatthe on the grounds that not a solitary scene sticks out. The film is hindered by the exceptionally sensational scenes among Rajinikanth and Keerthy Suresh which typically end in both of the characters crying. In scenes where they aren’t crying tears, it’s the crowds who are left to endure. Some measure of authenticity in the critical scenes between these characters would have helped the film stay really captivating.

Annathe Review

It’s okay to make a without a doubt, logicless business film with Rajinikanth however Annaatthe is only the sort of film you should quit making. Additionally, Siva’s fixation on filling the film with such countless characters simply doesn’t bode well when you forget the vast majority of them when you leave. It was disillusioning to see entertainers like Khushbu and Meena being squandered in senseless jobs that totally have no reason.

Rajinikanth is sincere as usual yet there’s very little that he could do to rescue the film. At the point when the story movements to Kolkata after a shocking first a large portion of that is generally loaded up with scenes among Rajinikanth and Keerthy, the film settles the score more excruciating to endure, graciousness of the jobs played by Jagapathi Babu and Abhimanyu Singh, who play the main adversaries.

Annaatthe is unarguably the most vulnerable film in Siva’s filmography. For every one of the people who griped Darbar was Rajinikanth’s lamest film lately, they’ll change their perspective as they get out of Annaatthe.


Cast: Rajinikanth, Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Khushbu Sundar and Meena

Director : Siva

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