You are currently viewing Annaatthe Trailer !! : Rajinikanth ‘Peddanna’ released in OTT .. Where is the streaming?..

Annaatthe Trailer !! : Rajinikanth ‘Peddanna’ released in OTT .. Where is the streaming?..

Annaatthe Trailer : Internet Desk: The movie ‘Peddanna’ directed by Shiva with Rajinikanth as the hero. Nayantara is the heroine. Kirti Suresh, Meena, Khushboo, Jagapathibabu, Prakash Raj etc. played key roles. Presented to the audience as a Diwali gift, the film was a box office success. The latest is buzzing in the digital media. The popular OTT Netflix platform is streaming in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. The film was produced by Sun Pictures. Music provided by Imman. Named ‘Annatte’ in Tamil, the film was released in Telugu as ‘Peddanna’.

Annaatthe Trailer : Kaithentante: The panchayat chief Veeranna (Rajanikanth) to the villages surrounding the Rajos. His younger sister Kanika Mahalakshmi (Kirtisuresh) means life. The bond between the two is not palpable when she is called, it is palpable when she is perceived. She travels around the city to study, not only in Ulu, but also on the train she boarded. Veeranna decides to get married after seeing a good relationship around Kanaka Mahalakshmi.

At first he is an enemy and then he decides to marry his friend Prakashraj’s son. According to the elder brother, Javadati’s younger sister agrees to the marriage. Mahalakshmi leaves the house before the wedding ceremony. Why has she gone so far? What were the conditions encountered while leaving? Did the heroes care about the sister who left without saying a word? Or not? Is the rest of the story.

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