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ATK Mohun vs Bashundhara Kings: AFC Cup HIGHLIGHTS

ATK Mohun vs Bashundhara Kings :Indian group has come to the knockout phases of the AFC Cup. ATK Mohun Bagan went down 1-0 at the 30-minute imprint as Fernandes’ shot beat Amrinder Singh in the close to post. It was a game brimming with fouls and one that saw 7 yellow cards and a red card. Bashundhara Kings’ Sushanto was shipped off as he was being extended off the field.

In the injury season of the first half, Sushanto Tripura was associated with a rash test and went down harmed. The arbitrator took as much time as necessary and showed him a red card while he was being extended off the field.

ATK Mohun Bagan botched an amazing chance to go in front yet the possibility was missed by Liston Colaco as he neglected to place the ball in an unfilled net after a pass by David Williams. He botched one more opportunity at the 33rd-minute imprint when he attempted to dink the ball over the goalkeeper yet eventually, it ended up being simple put something aside for him.

The groups went into half-time with the score of 1-0 to Bashundhara Kings. Be that as it may, in the subsequent half, Bashundhara Kings was down to 10 men and ATK Mohun Bagan began to assault.

David Williams scored a simple tap in with a wonderful ball by Liston Colaco to adjust for ATK Mohun Bagan in the 62nd moment to make it ATK Mohun Bagan 1-1 Bashundhara Kings. This implied that ATK Mohun Bagan will go through the knockout stages.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@6:22 PM: 90+4 min: ATK Mohun Bagan is back on guard. It was an apprehensive second because of a misstep by Rahman however they recover the ball and clear it.

@6:20 PM: @90+2 min: Bidyanand Singh comes in for David Williams.

@6:18: 90 min: The Kings got a corner yet it is all around guarded by Mohun Bagan. 5 minutes added!

@6:17 PM: 89 min: Defended well. It was Roy Krishna who had returned to protect and he clears the ball effectively.

@6:15 PM: 88 min: It is as yet not finished, The Kings have gotten a free kick in a perilous area.

@6:13 PM: 86 min: An extraordinary break for ATK Mohun Bagan. They had 3 players forward however the safeguard stops them.

@6:12 PM: 85 min: Lucky break for ATK. Robinho whirls a cross in and there is nobody to clear it. The ball skips and twists towards the objective however hits the post.

@6:11 PM: 84 min: Robinho shot from 40 yards. It was a shot on track and the ball was somewhat mishandled by Amrinder however he makes the save second time.

@6:09 PM: 82 min: Tariq Kazi is supplanted by Yeasin Khan.

@6:08 PM: 80 min: Fernandes sees a yellow card for a foul on Tangri.

@6:07 PM: 79 min: ATK Mohun Bagan is as yet squeezing high, they are not sitting back to protect. A draw or a success will get them through to the knockout stages.

@6:05 PM: 77 min: Manvir Singh goes down and Robinho resents the touchline as it prevented him from taking a fast toss in

@6:04 PM: 76 min: Ibrahim comes on for Bashundhara Kings instead of Jony.

@6:02 PM: 74 min: Tangri goes down however he looks fine.

@5:59 PM: 72 min: Another extraordinary opportunity for David Williams! Roy Krishna’s pass saw him before the objective however it was on his more vulnerable foot and he shoots it wide.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@5:57 PM: 70 min: ATK Mohun Bagan is presently attempting to baffle its adversary by keeping the belonging.

@5:53 PM: 65 min: Amrinder Singh requires a difference in boots. As it stays, Mohun Bagan will advance in the AFC Cup

@5:50 PM: 62 min: GOAL!!! David Williams scores a simple tap in with a wonderful ball by Liston Colaco to balance for ATK Mohun Bagan. ATK Mohun Bagan 1-1 Bashundhara Kings

@5:49 PM: 61 min A wild endeavor by Manvir Singh that sees the ball go over the objective.

@5:47 PM: 59 min: Ashutosh Mehta twirls in a low cross which is guarded by Khaled

@5:45 PM: 57 min: Still not working for ATK. They have attempted various ways to deal with the game by pushing the ball wide and through the center however the Kings’ protection remains steadfast.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@5:42 PM: 54 min: ATK isn’t surging the ball and is playing through the wings. They enjoy a benefit of an additional man yet have not had the option to make any risky possibilities.

@5:39 PM: 52 min: Great ball inside from Manvir Singh yet Roy Krishna couldn’t arrive at it. ATK needs to push more bodies in the container

@5:37 PM: 49 min: Deepak Tangri with a terrible foul on Robinho and gets him in his face. He gets a yellow

@5:36 PM: 48 min: Appeals for a handball on McHugh yet the arbitrator overlooks the call and ATK goes to assault

@5:34 PM: 47 min: Roy Krishna procures another free-kick as Kazi pulls him back to stop his run.

@5:32 PM: 46 min: second half beginnings, ATK assaulting from left to right. They enjoy a man’s benefit as the Kings are down to 10 men.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@5:17 PM: 45+2 min: Red Card!!! Sushanto who was being extended off has been given a red card in the injury season of the first half.

@5:16 PM: 45+2 min: This conflict is truly warming up. Both the seats are requesting fouls and cards. The game is getting forceful too.

@5:15 PM: 45 min: fourth yellow card for the Kings. This time it’s intended for Fahaad. 2 minutes added

@5:14 PM: 44 min: ATK rushes to fall back and guard however it won’t help their motivation. They need to win or attract to qualify.

@5:13 PM: 43 min: David Williams shot with his more vulnerable foot from 30 yards out and hit the objective. The goalkeeper replied with a save and it is a corner for ATK Mohun Bagan.

@5:10 PM” 40 min: Great opportunity for ATK! Roy Krishna did well to spill past the first protector yet his shot was obstructed.

@5:10 PM: 39 min: Another yellow card for Zoni.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@5:09 PM: ATK Mohun Bagan is without Boumous. He made 5 possibilities in the mission and they are feeling the loss of his administrations in this game.

@5:07 PM: 38 PM: ATK has glanced undermining twice in this game. Colaco botched an amazing chance to go on and afterward botched another chance to enlist a shot on track.

@5:05 PM: 36 min: Manvir Singh and Kazi are having an extraordinary fight on the flank. Up until this point, Kazi has coordinated with Manvir’s speed and cunning.

@5:04 PM: 34 min: Sushanto is down and there is some worry in regards to his physical issue.

@5:03 PM: 33 min: Another possibility missed by Colaco. He controlled the ball truly well after a long ball was played from the back, he attempted to go for the dink imagining that the attendant would surge out. It ended up being an exceptionally simple save.

@5:01 PM: 31 min: Manvir Singh on the right flank puts an astonishing cross in yet it is all around protected by Shaifei

@4:59 PM: 29 min: GOAL!!! Fernandes scores to put Bashundhara Kings ahead! He beat Amrinder Singh at his close to post, a delightful objective, ATK Mohun Bagan 0-1 Bashundhara Kings

@4:57 PM: 27 min: It was ATK on the assault after the free-kick yet it is saved by the Bashundhara goalkeeper Zico

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@4:55 PM: 26 min: Liston Colaco takes it and flames it straight into the divider

@4:54 PM: 24 min: A free kick procured by Roy Krishna fresh. It isn’t excessively far away.

@4:52 PM: 23 min: A decent cross-in by Shubashish however it is cleared by the protection.

@4:49 PM: 20 min: Another yellow card for an extremely impulsive test by Bishwanath on Roy Krishna. This is the third yellow card in only 20 minutes.

@4:48 PM: 18 min: Great opportunity for ATK Mohun Bagan! David Williams takes on 3 safeguards to pass the ball to Liston Colaco who needed to place the ball in the unfilled net. He misses the net totally and it is an awful miss.

@4:46 PM: 16 min: Suddenly, all the pressing factor is on ATK and Bashundhara Kings are sending rushes of assaults. ATK has figured out how to save every one of the assaults.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@4:44 PM: 14 min: Great opportunities for Bashundhara Kings to start to lead the pack. A free kick taken from 50 yards out discovered Khaled’s header however the shot was hindered.

@4:43 PM: 13 min: Pritam Kotal is reserved for a rash test.

@4:42 PM: 12 min: ATK Mohun Bagan is attempting a more straightforward methodology by passing the ball long to Williams or Krishna forthright as opposed to attempting to construct a play.

@4:39 PM: 10 min: Bashundra currently attempting to enter ATK guard however the ATK back 4 is standing tall

@4:38 PM: 9 min: McHugh is down and Amrinder Singh pushes the ball out. He appears all good however it will break Bashundra’s energy

@4:36 PM: 6 min: The main yellow card of the match is given to Bashundra’s Becerra for a high boot.

AFC Cup Live: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara Kings live updates

@4:35 PM: 5 min: Sushanto takes a free-kick in ATK’s half and it is cleared by McHugh for a corner

@4:33 PM: 4 min: ATK Mohun Bagan win a free-kick in their own half, taken by McHugh searching for Krishna’s run

@4:31 PM: 2 min: ATK Mohun Bagan playing from right to left in their green and maroon shirt. Bashundra Kings is donning dark.

@4:28 PM: ATK Mohun Bagan is playing a 4-3-3 however it tends to be changed to a 5 at the back with Tangri dropping back.

@4:20 PM: Just 10 minutes to go for the match to start off. ATK Mohun Bagan can book its position in the knockout stages interestingly with a success or a draw.

@3:50 PM: Lineups out

ATK Mohun Bagan: Amrinder Singh, Kotal, McHugh, Mehta, Manvir Singh, Tangri, Rodrigues, Colaco, Bose, Williams, Roy Krishna

Bashundhara Kings: Zico, Kazi, Shafiei, Barman, Ghosh, Fernandes, Fahad, Tripura, Robinho, Becerra, Jony

The players of ATK Mohun Bagan had a merited day away from work on Sunday with the Spanish mentor compensating the group for their great exhibitions. Talking about the game, Antonio Lopez Habas said, “Subsequent to returning to the changing area in the second half we changed system. We carried a few changes to the group. That is the reason the match came in our grasp. You will see that my young men have played two kinds of football in two parts in the event that you notice. I’m glad for the young men.”

AFC Cup: ATK Mohun Bagan versus Bashundhara


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