You are currently viewing Atlas Ramachandran: Never looked back in business.. Success in movies too.. That ‘Atlas’ Ramachandran is no more!

Atlas Ramachandran: Never looked back in business.. Success in movies too.. That ‘Atlas’ Ramachandran is no more!

Atlas Ramachandran: Atlas Ramachandran is dead. He has a good reputation as a prominent businessman and film producer. Suffering from age-related problems, he was recently admitted to a hospital in Dubai with heart pain. Family members revealed that he died of a heart attack on Sunday night while undergoing treatment.

MM Ramachandran was born in 1942 in Thrissur, Kerala. He established Atlas Jewelery in the field of business and became successful in it. He has earned a special name in the advertising department. Atlas Jewelery was well promoted during that period.


The tagline of Atlas Jewelery Advertisement.. ‘Atlas Jewellery, a reliable company for crores of people. Atlas Jewelery Group started a few decades ago. It has more than 50 branches in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other locations. There is a good demand for Atlas jewelery in Kerala too. After that gradually the prestige of Atlas Jewelery faded. Atlas Ramachandran NRI. Most of his career was spent in Dubai. Born in a good rich family.

After completing his PG from Delhi School of Economics, he joined Canara Bank and started his career. After that he joined State Bank of India. After serving as superintendent in about 100 banks in SBI, he went to Kuwait. Seeing the demand for gold ornaments there, the first branch of Atlas Jewelery was established in Kuwait. It was gradually extended to other countries.

Atlas Group has also ventured into healthcare, real estate and cinema. Invested there too. MM Ramachandran worked as a bank employee before entering the business sector. He is also interested in movies. Apart from acting as a producer for some movies, he also acted.

Ramachandran produced popular Malayalam movies like Vaishali, Sukritam, Vastuhara and Dhanam. Acted in more than a dozen films. It includes Arabikatha, Malabar Wedding, Harihar Nagar-2. He also directed a movie. In 2015, Ramachandran was arrested in a financial fraud case and spent three years in jail. Ramachandran has a wife Indira and two children Dr. Manju and Srikanth

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