You are currently viewing Atrangi Re Review: Sara’s shining star with Akshay and Dhanush, Aanand L Rai returns to the old rhythm….

Atrangi Re Review: Sara’s shining star with Akshay and Dhanush, Aanand L Rai returns to the old rhythm….

Atrangi Re Review : One thing is completely clear about ‘Atrangi Re’ that its producers could not muster the courage to release it in theaters and this film was sold to OTT when theaters across the country had reopened and the audience was also in theaters. Lots are coming. So the first question that remains in mind while watching the film ‘Atrangi Re’ is that what is the weak link of the whole film, due to which its producers could not muster the courage to release the film in theatres.

You will know the real answer only after watching the film, but it is enough to tell here that for director Aanand L Rai, this is a film like a narrow escape. Seeing the film, it seems that he has fallen directly on Akshay Kumar after breaking from Shahrukh Khan and is as dazzled by his aura as he was with the brilliance of ‘Khan Sahab’ while making ‘Zero’. If ‘Zero’ was a sleep-wake film for Aanand L Rai as director, ‘Atrangi Re’ is also a lesson for him, to keep himself more alert. He has his own production company. And, they have their own brand too.

Movie Review Atrangi re
artist Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, Seema Biswas and Ashish Verma
Author Himanshu Sharma
The director Aanand L Rai
the creator Bhushan Kumar, Aanand L Rai, Himanshu Sharma and Akshay Kumar
OTT disney plus hotstar
Rating 3/5

The story of the film ‘Atrangi Re’ has been clear from the time of the release of the trailer. There is a girl from Bihar. There is a desire to create her swayamvara for marriage. But the family members have already decided to turn his hands yellow before his feet stagger. The boy is brought to catch. This turns out to be Anna of Tamil Nadu studying medicine. Before both of them can sing some song like Hum Tum Chori Se, Bandhe Ek Dori Se, the knot of this string comes out in the form of a magician.

Manmohini is floored by him and that is Fida-e-Ishq. There are many twists in the story. The joy of opening them slowly could also have come like ‘Raanjhana’, but this time Himanshu has probably eaten that he takes a long time to take off the wrapper of the chocolate but then does not let the spectator enjoy eating the chocolate. Here the story becomes like water, swallow it immediately after keeping it in your mouth.

Himanshu Sharma’s fault is not too much in the film ‘Atrangi Re’. He has also turned from writer to producer. They too have started understanding the “project”. Cinema beats here. Whatever Aanand L Rai earned in ‘Raanjhanaa’, he has put all that at stake in this film to remove the flop film director’s label on himself. The scale here is that Sara Ali Khan and Sonam Kapoor are similar actresses. Akshay Kumar is at the pinnacle of his stardom and Dhanush blindly trusts his director.

If the boy is from Tamil Nadu, then the trick of making his Tamil speaking joke in Hindi cinema has become old. In the matter of direction, Aanand L Rai has obviously put all the emphasis on making the film a film which is not a flop in any way. So there is action, emotion, drama everything here. There is also an aspect related to mental health which needs to be discussed separately.

And, Sara Ali Khan is the centerpiece of this entire action, emotion and drama. The film is actually of Sara Ali Khan. Dhanush and Akshay Kumar have a package deal with him. Sara’s previous film ‘Love Aaj Kal’ was also a super flop. The score card rests on his two flops after delivering two successful films and ‘Atrangi Re’ has saved his career by coming at the right time. This film is a big lesson for him as well. Acting should be such that it should not resemble acting on screen.

Atrangi Re Review : Sara has learned this by coming in the fifth film of her career. She is yet to have some polish and being the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, she also has her chances. Dhanush is the life of the film. People also saw the film in their greed. He is the most amazing artist of the whole story. He has given the courage to crores to see the story of an ordinary person happening on screen. Akshay Kumar movie yatra. Trying to be everywhere and everywhere and sometimes overacting too. But, everything is going well now. So the matter is settled.

The film ‘Atrangi Re’, whatever it may have been made of, is not too bad. But its soul is its music. Irshad Kamil and AA Rahman have done wonders together once again. In the film’s music release program, Rahman had said that when the film’s story is traveling across the country, its musical journey should also accompany it.

The capable pair of Rahman and Kamil have done just that. Daler Mehndi likes to hear after a long time in ‘Garda’, then Shreya Ghoshal has also surprised after a long time in ‘Chaka Chak’. While Rashid Ali’s voice gives a different feel to ‘Toofan Ki Winter’, Arijit and Sasha have given life to the words of the song in ‘Reet Zara Si’. ‘Tera Rang’ and ‘Little Little’ have also fit in the dupatta of the story.

Atrangi Re Review : Apart from the music, two things in the film are worth noting. One is its production design and the other is its costume. Both these departments have helped immensely in feeding the film ‘Atrangi Re’ on screen. Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography lends respect to the soul of the film.

Hemal Kothari has justified the decision of releasing the film on digital by keeping the duration of the film two hours and 18 minutes. Sitting at home, you have to watch the film ‘Atrangi Re’ first or go to the cinema halls, ’83’, you have to decide for yourself because for ‘Atrangi Re’, a small screen will also run in the form of a film, but ’83’ is 100% big screen. It’s cinema.

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