You are currently viewing Bangladesh vs Pakistan 1st T20I Highlights: Pakistan Rally To Beat Bangladesh By 4 Wickets

Bangladesh vs Pakistan 1st T20I Highlights: Pakistan Rally To Beat Bangladesh By 4 Wickets

Bangladesh vs Pakistan 1st T20I highlights: Pakistan recuperated from early blows in their pursuit to beat Bangladesh by four wickets in an intently challenged undertaking at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka on Friday. Subsequent to being decreased to 24/4, Khushdil Shah’s thump of 34 assisted Pakistan with energizing from the early blows and pip the hosts to triumph. Prior in the day, Bangladesh chief Mahmudullah won the throw and chose to bat first. Hasan Ali, whose dropped get cost Pakistan truly in the T20 World Cup semi-last, was the pick of the bowlers as he took three wickets. Mohammad Wasim got two wickets as the hosts could just figure out how to reach 127/7 in their allocated 20 overs. Afif Hossain top scored with 36 runs. The three-match T20I series between the Asian adversaries will be trailed by a two-match Test series. Babar Azam and his Pakistan side will be hoping to proceed with the great disagreement this arrangement which saw them arrive at the semi-finals of the as of late closed ICC T20 World Cup. Bangladesh then again should begin anew, having tasted frustration in one more ICC occasion as they had a helpless excursion in the competition. Bangladesh qualified for the Super 12 phase, yet it came after a terrible misfortune to Scotland in the qualifiers.

Bangladesh vs Pakistan, 1st T20I: Live Score and Updates (Reuters Photo)
  1. That is it from the coverage of this game, folks! The second T20I of the series will be played on 20th November 2021 at the same venue. That game will begin at 2 pm local (8 am GMT) but you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!
  2. !Babar Azam, the winning captain of Pakistan, says that the pitch was difficult to bat on and credits the middle order for showing the skill-set required to adapt. Also praises Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz for their batting. Admits that they ended up giving 20 runs extra but he is still happy with the overall performance.
  3. !HASAN ALI IS THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH! Smiles and says that it’s a pleasant moment for him. Admits that his performance was not up to the mark in the T20 World Cup but adds that ups and downs are a part of a cricketer’s life. Shares that he has been here in the Bangladesh Premier League and knew the conditions. Adds that he trusted his variations and got the wickets.
  4. !Mahmudullah, the captain of Bangladesh, says that they chose to bat first as it was a good pitch but there was some help for the bowlers as well. Feels that they should have batted better and hopes to bounce back with better plans in the next game. Adds that a score of 140 would have been more competitive. Tells that his bowlers did a great job to pick early wickets but credits Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz for the way they finished the chase.
  5. !Presentation to follow…
  6. !After a sorry effort with the bat, Bangladesh got the start they desired with the ball. They dismissed Pakistan’s in-form batsman Mohammad Rizwan very early in the innings, courtesy a beauty by Mustafizur Rahman. Their skipper Babar Azam did not stick too long either and was sent back to the pavilion. The Tigers did well to keep a tight lid on the scoring rate and kept on building the pressure. They were on top in the game after dismissing Fakhar Zaman and Khushdil Shah but were blown away by some power hitting towards the end. A great fight shown by Bangladesh and they surely will try to level the series in the next one.
  7. !It was a very unusual start from Pakistan with the bat. They lost both their openers cheaply and ended up losing four wickets in total inside the Powerplay. Fakhar Zaman and Khushdil Shah set the tone in the middle for Pakistan and guided the innings gradually with their 56-run alliance. But it was the partnership between Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz that took Pakistan to the finish line with their pinch-hitting at the death. The duo put on an unbeaten 36-run stand off just 15 balls to take Pakistan home in the final over.
  8. !What a game of cricket! A match full of twists and turns, but it was Pakistan with the last laugh. They take the lead in the three-match T20I series. Bangladesh started off beautifully but gave it away in the end. The Tigers stretched this till the last over but Pakistan stole the show in the end.
  9. 19.26AMINUL ISLAM TO SHADAB KHANSIX! BANG! There it is! Shadab Khan does it for Pakistan! A partnership of 36 runs off 15 balls between these two and they have chased down the target eventually! Tossed up, around off. Khan gets down on his knee and slog-sweeps it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum! PAKISTAN WIN THE MATCH BY 4 WICKETS and they go 1-0 up in the series!
  10. 19.10AMINUL ISLAM TO SHADAB KHANFlatter ball, outside off. Shadab Khan punches it to covers. 2 runs needed off 5 balls!
  11. !Who will bowl the final over? It is Aminul Islam. Just 2 runs needed for Pakistan.
  12. 18.60SHORIFUL ISLAM TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZFull ball, outside off. Mohammad Nawaz looks to dig it out but he misses. Pakistan are just 2 runs away from a win now!
  13. 18.56SHORIFUL ISLAM TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZSIX! BOOM! There is no stopping Mohammad Nawaz here and he is in the groove! Another ball that is shorter in length, outside off. Nawaz sits back and heaves it way over the mid-wicket region for a massive biggie.
  14. 18.42SHORIFUL ISLAM TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZFull ball, outside off. Mohammad Nawaz drives it to wide of deep cover and takes a couple of runs.
  15. 18.36SHORIFUL ISLAM TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZSIX! BANG! What a shot! This would ease some nerves in Pakistan’s dugout! Back of a length, outside off. Mohammad Nawaz hangs back and hoicks it over long on for a biggie!
  16. 18.20SHORIFUL ISLAM TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZA very full ball, outside off. Mohammad Nawaz looks to dig it out but he misses.
  17. 18.11SHORIFUL ISLAM TO SHADAB KHANBack of a length, around off. Shadab Khan taps it towards backward point and rotates the strike.
  18. 17.64MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZFOUR! A boundary to end the over and this is exactly the kind of over which Pakistan would have hoped for! Slower one, short and angling down leg. Mohammad Nawaz stays back and pulls it behind square on the leg side for a boundary. 15 from the over, 17 runs needed off 12 balls now!
  19. 17.50MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZA much-needed dot ball for the Bangla Tigers! A slower ball, on a length, outside off. Mohammad Nawaz looks to heave it on the leg side but he misses.
  20. 17.41MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO SHADAB KHANSensible batting from Shadab Khan! Good-length ball, around off. Khan taps it to backward point and takes off for a run.
  21. 17.36MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO SHADAB KHANSIX! This is a serious shot from Pakistan’s all-rounder! Back of a length, outside off. Shadab Khan stays back, clears his front leg and tonks it over long off for a maximum.
  22. 17.20MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO SHADAB KHANSwing and a miss! A slower ball, on a length, outside off. Shadab Khan looks to slog but he loses his shape and fails to get any bat on it.
  23. 17.14MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO SHADAB KHANFOUR! SMASHED! Width on offer and Shadab Khan latches onto it! Length ball, outside off. Khan carves it past the cover fielder and the ball races away to the fence.
  24. 16.60SHORIFUL ISLAM TO MOHAMMAD NAWAZA well-directed bouncer, around middle. Mohammad Nawaz ducks under it watchfully. A good over for Bangladesh as just 6 runs came off it and they also got the wicket of a set batter. 32 runs needed off 18 balls!
  25. !Mohammad Nawaz is the new man in.
  26. 16.5WSHORIFUL ISLAM TO KHUSHDIL SHAHOUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Shoriful Islam strikes for Bangladesh and this is a huge moment of this game as another set batter in Khushdil Shah departs! Back of a length, way outside off. Shah reaches out and looks for a mighty heave on the leg side but only manages a thick outside edge. The ball goes straight to Nurul Hasan behind the sticks who does not make any mistake. The Bangla Tigers are well and truly on top now!
  27. 16.41SHORIFUL ISLAM TO SHADAB KHANOn a length, around off. Shadab Khan hangs back and drags it towards long on. The batters cross for a run.
  28. 16.31SHORIFUL ISLAM TO KHUSHDIL SHAHAerial but safe! Short of a length, just outside off. Khushdil Shah looks to pull but gets it away from the splice of the bat. The ball falls short of the deep square leg fielder. A single taken.
  29. 16.24SHORIFUL ISLAM TO KHUSHDIL SHAHFOUR! Top shot! Back of a length, outside off. Khushdil Shah stands tall and powers it over extra cover for a boundary.
  30. 16.10SHORIFUL ISLAM TO KHUSHDIL SHAHShort ball, outside off. Khushdil Shah reaches out and looks to pull but he gets the bottom half of the bat and the ball goes to the right of the bowler. Shoriful Islam reacts quickly and stops the single.
  31. !Shoriful Islam (2-0-10-0) is back on.
  32. 15.61MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO KHUSHDIL SHAHBack of a length, outside off. Khushdil Shah looks to cut but gets the bottom half of the bat on it. The ball rolls towards backward point. A single taken! 38 runs needed off 24 balls now!
  33. 15.61wdMUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO KHUSHDIL SHAHWide! Rahman hurls a bumper, but way over the batter’s head. Khushdil Shah ducks underneath and the umpire calls it a wide.
  34. 15.50MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO KHUSHDIL SHAHPlay and a miss! A slower ball, on a length, outside off. Khushdil Shah shimmies down and looks for a heave on the leg side but fails to get any bat on it.
  35. 15.44MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO KHUSHDIL SHAHFOUR! A welcome boundary for Khushdil Shah and Pakistan! A low full toss, around off. Shah stays low and carves it past the deep cover fielder to collect a boundary.
  36. 15.31MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO SHADAB KHANOn a length, around off. Shadab Khan stays back and heaves it towards deep square leg for a run. The fielder in the deep does well to keep it to just one.
  37. 15.21MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO KHUSHDIL SHAHAnother ball, outside off, shorter in length. Khushdil Shah cuts it towards deep point and takes a single.
  38. 15.10MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN TO KHUSHDIL SHAHBack of a length, way outside off. Khushdil Shah reaches out to cut but does not get any bat on it.
  39. !Mustafizur Rahman (2-0-3-1) is back into the attack.
  40. 14.61lbTASKIN AHMED TO KHUSHDIL SHAHLEG BYE! A length ball, on the pads. Shah looks to flick but misses and gets hit on the pads. An appeal but not given. The ball rolls to the keeper who has a shy at his end. He hits and the ball ricochets to the leg side for a leg bye. 46 needed in the last 5 overs.

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