You are currently viewing Bilaspur Sports News: Great start of state level sports competition…

Bilaspur Sports News: Great start of state level sports competition…

Bilaspur Sports News: The state level school sports competition got off to a great start from Saturday. With this, the sports lovers of Bilaspur are once again getting a chance to see the spectacular game of school children. Children who came from all corners of the state were also satisfied with the arrangement. At the same time, the school children were happy to play on the astroturf, especially at the Bahtarai Hockey Stadium, and expressed their happiness that they got a chance to play in an international level ground for the first time. The children said that they would like to come to Bilaspur again and again to play in such a ground.

Bilaspur Sports News : Players have arrived from all the five divisions in the state level competition and are participating in Nehru Hockey, Floorball, Shootball, Target Ball and Chaikwondo. The competition has been organized in Devkinandan School, Chhattisgarh School, Sendri School including Bahatrai Stadium. In the matches held on Saturday, Bilaspur defeated Surguja 3-0 in the target ball (19-year-old boys category). In the 19-year-old girls’ category, Durg defeated Bastar 1-0 and in the same category, Bilaspur and Surguja had a 1-1 draw. In Floorball (17-year-old boys) Surguja beat Durg 1-0 while Bilaspur beat Raipur 6-0.

In the 17-year-old girl’s category, Sarguja defeated Bilaspur 5-4. In the same category, the match between Durg and Raipur ended in a 1-1 draw. In the 19-year-old boys’ category, Durg and Raipur and Bilaspur and Surguja also drew 1-1, while in the 19-year-old girls’ category, Durg Raipur, where the match was drawn 2-2, defeated Surguja 4-1 in Bilaspur. In the match of 17-year-old boys in Nehru Hockey tournament, Durg defeated Raipur 4-1. The same Bilaspur defeated Surguja 5-0.

In the match between Bastar and Raipur, Raipur defeated Bastar 5-1. In the 15-year-old boys’ match, Raipur defeated Durg 5-0, while the same Bilaspur team defeated Bastar 15-0 in hockey. Similarly, in the 24 to 28 kg category of 14-year-old girls of Chavaikwondo, Poonam Sahu of Raipur won the gold medal. In the 28 to 32 kg category, Pooja Sahu of Raipur got the gold medal. In the 40 to 44 kg category, the role of Bilaspur won the gold medal. In the 44 to 48 kg category, Simran of Raipur targeted for the gold medal.

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