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Chitragupta Puja Vidhi and Katha: Method of Chitragupta Puja 2021

Chitragupta Puja Vidhi and Katha:-Chitragupta Puja is performed according to the Hindu calendar on the second day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This time the festival of Chitragupta Puja is on 6 November 2021 i.e. Saturday. Usually two days after Diwali, Lord Chitragupta is worshipped.

Chitragupta worship is of great importance in Sanatan Dharma. According to religious belief, Chitragupta, the accountant of the gods, records the sins of human beings and due to the association of Lord Chitragupta with the writing work, pen, medicine and books are also worshiped on this day.

Method of doing Chitragupta Puja 2021 (Chitragupta Puja Vidhi 2021):

Under the worship method of Chitragupta Maharaj, it is believed that on the day of Chitragupta worship, on white paper, Shri Ganeshaya Namah and 11 times Om Chitraguptay Namah should be kept near the place of worship. Apart from this, Om Namah Shivay and Lakshmi Mata ji can also write Sada Sahai. Then make a swastika on it and ask for the blessings of wisdom, learning and writing.

Chitragupta Puja Vrat Katha 2021

There was a king named Saudas. He was an unjust and tyrannical king and there was no good deed in his name. One day when he was wandering in his kingdom, he encountered a Brahmin who was worshiping. His curiosity arose and he asked whom he was worshiping. The brahmin replied that today is the second day of Kartik Shukla Paksha and hence I am worshiping Yamraj (god of death and dharma) and Chitragupta (his accountant), their worship is going to give salvation from hell and reduce your sins. does. Hearing this, Saudas also followed the rituals and worshiped.

Later when he died he was taken to Yamraj and his deeds were investigated by Chitragupta. He informs Yama that this king is a sinner but he has worshiped Yama with full devotion and rituals and hence cannot be sent to hell. Thus the king by performing this puja for only one day, he became free from all his sins.

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