You are currently viewing Christmas: Market decorated for Christmas and New Year, prices were not increased for the first time…..

Christmas: Market decorated for Christmas and New Year, prices were not increased for the first time…..

Christmas : There are few days left for Christmas and New Year. The markets of the city have become buzzing about this. Even after the wedding season is over, people are shopping fiercely. On one hand, while gifts are being bought to give to loved ones on Christmas, on the other hand, warm clothes are being bought for the cold. The special thing is that the prices of Christmas gifts have not been increased for the first time.

Dainik Jagran visited various markets of the city regarding Christmas and found that the market has increased. Despite the winter, there was no lack of enthusiasm among the buyers. The special thing is that people were shopping for Christmas as well as New Year. Shopping is going on from Model Town to Lajpat Nagar Market, from Rank Bazar to Mai Hiran Gate.

Last year, Christmas was not celebrated on a large scale due to the Corona epidemic. At the same time, this time the enthusiasm can be gauged from the fact that despite the end of the festival season and wedding season, the influx of people in the market remains intact. Shopkeepers have also made special preparations to cash in on the occasion of and New Year. In this sequence, where Santa Claus uniforms have been decorated with special displays at the readymade stores, gifts are in full swing at the decoration showrooms.

Many Chinese items including Santa Teddy Wear, Electronics Santa Claus and decorations have been launched in the market which are attractive in terms of price as well as reach to every category. Winter vacations are about to start in educational institutions. Feast from above. On this occasion, people are shopping for winter along with the festival. The biggest crowd was at the gift stores in the city. Jiggle Bell will be heard in hotels and restaurants

On the occasion of, the echo of Jiggle Bell, Jiggle Bell will be heard in the hotels and restaurants of the city. Special preparations have been made for this. Hotel Maya’s Vice President Shriroop Choudhary said that special preparations are being made in the hotel for Under this, the hotel is being decorated with attractive lighting. At the same time, gifts will also be given by Santa for the customers. Available goods and prices in the market

Christmas Shopping rates

  • Santa’s dress: 400 to 1500 rupees
  • Christmas tree: 100 to 4000 rupees
  • Bell chandelier: 200 to 2500 rupees
  • Christmas Special Gift Pack: Rs 350 to Rs 1200

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