You are currently viewing Diwali Rangoli : Rangoli and Diya decoration competitions were booming …!

Diwali Rangoli : Rangoli and Diya decoration competitions were booming …!

Diwali Rangoli : Sons, Hathras: Various competitions were organized on Diwali in Shri Balwant Singh Public School, Salempur. In Rangoli senior category, the team of class 11 commerce stood first, class 11 biology in second place and class eight team in third place. In the junior category, the first place class VI A,

the second place class 6B, the third place was the team of class 4A. Founder Mr. Roran Singh, Principal Bharatendra Singh, Dr. Sheetal Singh, Mahesh Bisht, Gyanendra Dutt were present in this. Rangoli, Diya decoration and activities were organized under the direction of Principal Naveen Kumar Sharma at GPS International School.

Naveen Kumar Sharma Principal told about Diwali to the children. On the other hand, lamp, card making, rangoli competition was organized at Bisawar International School on Diwali. The best performing participants were rewarded. Director Saheb Singh and Principal PC Pawar were present in this. Raman and Tagore House were the first in Rangoli

रंगोली और दीया डेकोरेशन प्रतियोगिताओं की रही धूम

Mursan: On the occasion of Deepotsav, students of RBS Public School participated in Rangoli, Diya making and Greeting Cards competition. In Rangoli, Raman and Tagore house stood first, Ashoka house second and Pratap house third. In the Diya making competition, Raman House stood first, Tagore House stood second and Pratap and Ashoka House stood third. Manager Rajnesh Kumar, Sonia Singh and Principal Sudha Chaudhary were present. Sold lamps and worship materials

Apart from earthen lamps for worship in the market, pictures and idols of Lakshmi Ganesh were being bought a lot. At the same time, silver coins and Lakshmi-Ganesh were also being bought from jewelers. Other items were being procured as per the need. Apart from electric skirts for decoration, skirtings of artificial flowers and other items were also bought fiercely. looking for gift pack

Apart from gift packs of biscuits and namkeen, gift packs of chocolates and other items were also liked in the market. At the same time, apart from the packed snacks, chips and biscuits decorated in the basket, chocolates were also very tempting.

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