You are currently viewing DU Merit List 2022 LIVE: Delhi University stimulated list released

DU Merit List 2022 LIVE: Delhi University stimulated list released

DU:-As part of its effort to assist candidates with their admission process, Delhi University Friday gave candidates simulated lists with their ‘tentative ranks’ in their selected programmes. While some candidates said that they found the information helpful, many were left trying to make sense of it.

According to the university, these lists have been shared with candidates to enable them to assess the probability of allocations in a particular programme and college. After this, candidates will have two days till 4.59 pm on October 16 to change, add or delete their preferences if they wish to.


However, the university has also been careful to ask candidates not to read too much into the ‘simulated ranks’.

“It also must be noted that that in no way should the Simulated Ranks be construed as a warranty, express or implied, or creation of a legitimate expectation, for admission or final ranks and/or allocations of program of study or college whatsoever. The University of Delhi is not liable to any person for any loss or damage, pecuniary or otherwise, caused to him/her/it arising out of any action taken or inaction on the basis of the information provided or the belief /opinion formed or the inference/conclusion drawn for such information,” read a statement issued by Registrar Vikas Gupta Friday.

The simulated lists are not centralised. A list has been shared with each registered candidate on the basis of their CUET scores and selected preferences, showing their tentative ranks for each programme they have selected as a preference.

For instance, one candidate’s CUET scores were 184.3512400/200 in English, 176.8269700/200 in Chemistry, 117.4892700/200 in Mathematics, 175.4927700 in Physics, and 239.8068400/300 in the General Test. In the simulated list, they found that their tentative ranks for their preference programmes BA (Hons) Political Science, BA (Hons) English and BA (Hons) History are 7,746, 7,762 and 6,522 respectively but that in science programmes such as B.Sc (Hons) Electronics, B.Sc (Hons) Physics and B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry, their tentative ranks are 55, 160 and 112 respectively.

Another example is of a candidate with 192.4085400/200 in English, 150.9789600/200 in Economics, 172.376400/200 in Psychology and 192.8082100/200 in Sociology. In their simulated list, their tentative ranks for BA (Hons) Applied Psychology, BA (Hons) Psychology and BA (Hons) Humanities and Social Science are 1,033, 1,551 and 445 respectively.

“There’s not a lot of information to process. For a given programme, I just have a three- or four-digit number in front of me, but there isn’t any information on say, what colleges the other candidates may have listed in what preference. I’m not sure how to use the information given,” said a candidate.

Jatin Verma, a candidate who had a 100 percentile for four of his CUET papers and 83 percentile in one, is also trying to understand what his tentative rank means. “For History, my rank is 54. This means 53 students are above me. But there will be some girl students as well and if they choose to go to top colleges such as LSR and Miranda House, then maybe I will get a seat in Hindu college… The rankings are not provided in a clear cut and crisp manner. I do not know what the (programme and college) preferences are of students ranked above me, so I don’t clearly know what a rank means,” he said.

Another student, Vivan Mukherjee, with 100 percentile in four subjects and 99.81 percentile in one, is also trying to understand if his scores will get him his top preference college-course combination. “I want to study Political Science and the best college for boys is Hindu. But I have got a tentative rank of 52 and the number of unreserved seats there is 20. So even with the rank, it is very difficult to get into, especially if the simulated rankings are any suggestion. These ranks have, however, not clearly stated if the ranks are combined or of a particular category. But I do think there is some clarity after these rankings. People know what is in their grasp and what is not,” he said.

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