You are currently viewing FC Goa 2-2 vs Bengaluru FC Durand Cup 2021 LIVE  Semifinal: Scores level as match enters extra-time…

FC Goa 2-2 vs Bengaluru FC Durand Cup 2021 LIVE Semifinal: Scores level as match enters extra-time…

FC Goa 2-2 vs Bengaluru FC Durand Cup 2021 120′ Goa’s Lyngdoh was looking to initiate an attack with a darting run but is fouled by Oram.

117′ Bengaluru not relying on its defence and allowing Goa to attack. Moosa’s boys want to score a goal to notch a winner. However, they need to be wary of maintaining a balance.



114′ A clash between Oram and Christy where the former comes off worse. However, it is nothing serious as he is okay to continue.

112′ A great whipping delivery by Edu Bedia from a freekick. Aiban gets his head to the ball but his header not on target as BFC heaves a sigh of relief.

100′ Edu Bedia the only overseas player present on the pitch for the Gaurs.

99′ SUB- Saviour Gama limps off as he is replaced by Delton. Noguera replaced by Danston.

98′ It is Goa’s Saviour Gama who is down as he seemed to have pulled a muscle. Worrying signs for Juan Ferrando.

95′ The tempo of the match is a glaring indication of the fatigue that is setting in.

93′ Noguera threads a great through ball to Chothe, who thought he had timed his run properly but is flagged offside.

FC Goa 2-2 vs Bengaluru FC Durand Cup 2021 92′ The second semifinal seeing an extra-time just like the first. The race to the final is on!!



90+4′ A good spell of pressure by FC Goa, which ends with Saviour Gama’s shot at goal. it had no conviction as the ball goes out of play.

90+2′ BFC with a great counter but Naveen makes no mistake this time as he comes off his line to collect the ball.

FIVE ADDITIONAL MINUTES!!! Enough time for a late twist!!

89′ BOOKING- Akashdeep sees yellow for his late challenge on Bedia.

88′ That was painful as Akashdeep catches Edu Bedia late. Both players down but Bedia definitely coming off worse.

85′ Just five minutes plus added time remaining till the match goes into extra-time. It is a tense atmosphere around the Salkt Lake Stadium.

83′ GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! BENGALURU EQUALISES!!! ITS SIVASAKTHI AGAIN!!! Bengaluru has done it again. A great ball inside the box by Bhutia and Siva was in the right place at the right time as he scores a header this time to bring BFC back into the match.

80′ Its the battle between Bengaluru’s youth versus FC Goa’s experience right now with 10 minutes plus added time remaining.

79′ Ajith with a decent delivery inside the box but Bedia was in position to anticipate the ball and clear it to safety.

78′ Bengaluru needing to do all the work to find itself back into the match. For much of the tournament, Moosa’s side has been doing this. Can they do it today to keep their hopes alive?

FC Goa 2-2 vs Bengaluru FC Durand Cup 2021 76′ BOOKING- BFC keeper Lara sees yellow.

71′ GOOAAAAAL!!!!!! FC GOA TAKES THE LEAD!! ITS SUBSTITUTE REDEEM TLANG!!! A prolonged stretch of pressure by the Gaurs bears fruits as Tlang finds the ball inside BFC’s penalty-area. He did well to control the ball and lash his shot past a helpless Lara.

70′ SUB- Bidyashagar comes off for Oram.

69′ The tempo of the match has dropped again as both teams pretty disjointed in their style of play.

67′ SUB- Ferrando makes another change as Nemil comes off for Christy.  A bad end for the youngster, who provided the assist for Murgaokar’s equaliser.

65′ Play is stopped again. This time its Nemil who is down. The player came on just minutes ago and a serious injury wouldn’t be good news for Ferrando’s side.

61′ SUB- Flurry of changes for FC Goa as Aiban comes on for Ivan.  Chothe comes on for Romario. Tlang comes on for the injured Devendra

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60′ SHOT- A great freekick by Edu Bedia as he forces a save from Lara.

58′ That seems to be the end of the night for Devendra as he carried off the pitch. So that is one serious injury each for both teams and both of them, crucial for their respective teams.

57′ Goalscorer Devendra down currently. It seems to be a hamstring issue as medical staff rush to tend to the Goa player.

55′ Edu Bedia’s freekick on target but it is straight to Lara. Scores remain level.

52′ PENALTY SHOUT- Saviour Gama found himself in a lot of space on the left flank but took a tumble inside the box. Goa players wanted a penalty but nothing given.

50′ A good delivery by Romario from the right flank but Lara anticipated the flight of the ball as he ventures out to collect it.

49′ BIG CHANCE- A great cut back by Ajith Kumar from the right flank, which found Akashdeep. But the player could not guide the ball into the net. That was a great chance for Bengaluru. 

47′ SHOT- Bidyashagar shoots at Naveen’s near post. He had a lot of time as Leander was caught off guard. It is however, not on target.

46′ An early press from Goa this time as the second half begins.


A high-intensity start from both teams, which saw Bengaluru taking the lead in the opening minute of the match after a goalkeeping howler. It did not take much time for Goa to grab the equaliser as Murgaokar cancelled Siva’s strike in the 8th minute.

An injury worry for BFC as Harmanpreet was carried off the pitch with Bidyashagar taking his place.

Stay tuned for live action from the second half!!

HALF-TIME!! (FC Goa 1-1 Bengaluru FC)!!

45+1′ Devendra down after a clash with Muirang. It seems as if Muirang’s studs grazed Murgaokar as he limps out of the park.


44′ Bidyashagar with a darting run down the left as he cuts back, attempting to find Siva Sakthi. But Goa’s backline clears the ball before it reached its intended target.

42′ Siva Sakthi down for the moment after a clash with Garrido. Could have been another injury worry for the Blues but he is gingerly getting back on his feet. He seems okay to continue.

40′ SHOT- It’s Nemil with the shot again but it does not pose any danger for Lara as the keeper watches the ball sail wide.

38′ BFC not pressing like the opening minutes and allowing the Gaurs to enjoy possession in its own half. Moosa’s team might be looking to play on the counter with the pacy Bidyashagar bolstering their frontline.

36′ SHOT- It’s Nemil with the shot this time as Leander’s initial cross was cleared. That was not too far away from goal.

33′ BOOKING- Goa’s Leander sees yellow for his reckless challenge on Akashdeep.

31′ CHANCE- Exquisite play by FC Goa. Nemil and Murgaokar with a wonderful one-two , which sets up Edu Bedia. All he needed to do was tap the ball in but fails to do so. A close one for Bengaluru.

29′ SHOT- Romario takes a shot but it had no intent as it rolls wide off the target. Not a good effort there.

28′ The tempo of the match has died down after the opening minutes of the match, which saw two goals.

26′ Apart from the goal, Bengaluru has done a good job in keeping Murgaokar quiet. The Goa player has hardly recieved proper service as the match nears the 30-minute mark.

24′ SHOT- Bhutia takes a shot on the volley from quite a distance but fails to connect with the ball as it soars over Kumar’s goal.

22′ CHANCE- Bidyashagar with acres of green ahead of him as he darted through the left flank. He cuts in and takes a shot but its blocked and its a corner for BFC. A cut-back might have been a better option in this instance.

20′ SHOT- A good passage of interplay by BFC, which ends with Siva Sakthi taking a shot from distance. It is not on target.

17′ Both teams have had been slightly wasteful in possession in the first opening 15 minutes of the match.

16′ A prolonged stretch of pressure from BFC but the passage of attack ends as Siva Sakthi is caught offside. What a start we have had. Shades of the first semifinal between Mohammedan SC and FC Bengaluru United.

14′ SUB- The Blues make a change as Bidyashagar comes on for the injured Harmanpreet.

12′ INJURY- Bad news for the Blues. Papuia and Harmanpreet clashes where the latter comes off worse. He is currently being carried off the field and that’s it for him today.

8′ GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!! FC GOA EQUALISE!! ITS MURGAOKAR!!! WOW!! Nemil pings in a brilliant low cross from the left flank and Murgaokar guides the ball past Lara to equalise for the Gaurs.

6′ Nemil fouled as Goa makes way inside Bengaluru’s penalty area. Can Goa make something out of this?

Bedia takes the freekick. It takes a deflection and goes out for a corner.

4′ Bengaluru FC has started the match with great intensity. FC Goa under pressure as Moosa’s team presses for the ball.

1′ GOOOOAAAALLL!!!! BENGALURU SCORES!!! ITS SIVA SAKTHI!!!! WHAT A START!! Naveen kumar took his time to clear the ball. Siva Sakthi’s press proves fatal as he snatches the ball from Kumar to tuck the ball inside the net.

1′ KICK-OFF!!!

AND WE ARE UNDERWAY!!! Who will face Mohammedan SC in the final??

Player to watch out for!!


FC Goa XI: Naveen (GK); Sanson, Leander, Saviour Gama, Ivan Garrido, Papuia; Noguera, Romario, Bedia (C), Nemil; Murgaokar

Coach: Juan Ferrando

Bengaluru FC XI: Lara (GK); Muirang, Ajith Kumar (C), Bhutia, Parag, Ajay Chhetri, Naorem Singh, Lyngdoh, Harmanpreet Singh, Siva Sakthi , Parag

Coach: Naushad Moosa

Match Preview

Two of the most consistent sides of Indian Super League (ISL), FC Goa and Bengaluru FC, will be pitting their might to decide the candidate for the other final slot vacant in the 130th edition of Durand Cup football.

The second semifinal match of the prestigious tournament, to be played at the Salt Lake Stadium on Wednesday, has all the ingredients for an interesting contest. The expectations are high especially after the first semifinal where I-League side Mohammedan Sporting got past the third division outfit FC Bengaluru United in the extra time.

On paper, FC Goa is the strongest side in the tournament having brought a sizeable number of first team players and foreign recruits under Spanish head coach Juan Ferrando. True to its merit Goa has won all its matches so far with considerable ease scoring 14 goals while conceding just two in four matches (including group stage and quarterfinals).

Players like Devendra Murgaokar and Muhammed Nemil Valiyattil have been the key names in Goa attack scoring four goals each so far. Bengaluru FC has preferred to field a young team picking up age-group players from the squad while resting most of the regulars who play the ISL. But despite its reduced strength Bengaluru has performed quite well and has remained an unbeaten side, while winning three out of its four matches.

“There should not be much difference in the approach from the way we have been playing all these games. We just want to stay positive and give our hundred per cent. The only thing is that we have to be careful about the way we have been conceding goals. With Goa, we have to be careful. A team like Goa, it won’t be easy to get back once you concede a goal,” said Bengaluru FC coach, Naushad Moosa.

FC Goa coach, Juan Ferrando spoke about improving the team’s performance, “For us, our focus is to continue to improve like a team, improve in tactical details and position of attack. This is most important for us a side and will be our target tomorrow,” he said.


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