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‘Freedom from US power’: Taliban marks Afghanistan Independence day

The Taliban on Thursday observed Afghanistan Independence Day to check the country’s independence from “the egotistical force of the world”, alluding to the United States.

“Luckily, today we are praising the commemoration of freedom from Britain,” the Taliban said, adding, “We simultaneously because of our jihadi obstruction constrained another pompous force of the world, the United States, to fizzle and withdraw from our heavenly domain of Afghanistan,” reports AP.

Afghan Independence Day on August 19 honors the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 that finished British guideline in the focal Asian country.

Taliban marked Afghanistan's Independence Day from US power

Nonetheless, different difficulties from administering a frozen government to battling potential outfitted resistance have effectively begun to arise.

With ATMS running out of money and a serious food emergency immersing 38 million individuals the nation over, the Taliban is probably going to confront the difficulties of the ousted government without the global guide the previous delighted in.

“A helpful emergency of amazing extents is unfurling before our eyes,” cautioned Mary Ellen McGroarty, the top of the World Food Program in Afghanistan, reports AP.

Protests against Taliban on Afghanistan′s Independence Day | News | DW |  19.08.2021

In the mean time, a dry spell has harmed more than 40% of the nation’s yield, McGroarty said.

In dread, many individuals have escaped Taliban rule, taking hotels in parks and open spaces in Kabul.

The Taliban have so far not concoct any designs for their administration. They have adhered to their prior assertions of the public authority keeping Shariah or Islamic laws. Be that as it may, there’s mounting tension on them now.

In the interim, resistance figures escaping to Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley presently discuss dispatching an equipped obstruction under the pennant of the Northern Alliance, which aligned with the U.S. during the 2001 intrusion, reports AP.

While encouraging individuals to get back to work, most government authorities remain stowing away in their homes or endeavoring to escape the Taliban. Questions stay more than Afghanistan’s $9 billion unfamiliar stores, by far most now evidently frozen in the U.S. The country’s Central Bank head cautions the nation’s stockpile of actual U.S. dollars is “near nothing,” which will see expansion raise the costs of required food while deteriorating its money, the afghani.

“This is actually Afghanistan’s hour of most noteworthy need, and we encourage the global local area to remain by the Afghan individuals as of now,” McGroarty said to AP.

Taliban Mark Afghanistan's Independence Day As Challenges To Their Rule  Rise : NPR

Two of Afghanistan’s key boundary intersections with Pakistan, Torkham close to Jalalabad and Chaman close to Spin Boldak, are presently open for cross-line exchange. Many trucks have gone through, Pakistan’s inside serve Sheik Rashid Ahmed has said. Nonetheless, merchants actually dread uncertainty on the streets, disarray over traditions obligations and pressing factors to value their merchandise significantly higher given the monetary conditions.

There has been no outfitted resistance to the Taliban. Yet, recordings from the Panjshir Valley north of Kabul, a fortification of the Northern Alliance civilian armies that aligned with the U.S. during the 2001 intrusion of Afghanistan, seem to show potential resistance figures gathering there. That region is in the lone area that has not tumbled to the Taliban.

Those figures incorporate individuals from the dismissed government — Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who affirmed on Twitter that he is the country’s legitimate president, and Defense Minister Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi — just as Ahmad Massoud, the child of the killed Northern Alliance pioneer Ahmad Shah Massoud.


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