You are currently viewing Gama Pehlwan: The wrestler who eats 6 desi chickens, 10 liters of milk and 100 rotis every day, who has never lost to anyone.

Gama Pehlwan: The wrestler who eats 6 desi chickens, 10 liters of milk and 100 rotis every day, who has never lost to anyone.

Gama Pehlwan : New Delhi, May 22: Today is the 144th birthday of ‘The Great Gama’, popularly known as ‘Rustom-e-Hind’. Google has made Gama Pehalwan’s birthday even more special by making a doodle. A wrestler who never lost to any wrestler in the world, who made a name in the whole world. Gama Pehalwan gave 52 years of his life to wrestling and won many titles. It is said that the last time of his life passed in a lot of trouble. Let’s know about Gama Pehalwan.

Wrestling started at the age of 10

Gama Pehlwan : Gama was born on 22 May 1878 in Amritsar. Gama’s father Muhammad Aziz Baksh was also a wrestler. Gama’s childhood name was Ghulam Muhammad. Gama started wrestling at the age of just 10. At the time of the partition of India-Pakistan, Gama Pehalwan moved to Lahore with his family. Gama Pehalwan learned the initial nuances of wrestling from the famous wrestler Madho Singh. After this, Maharaja Bhavani Singh of Datia gave him the facilities to do wrestling, due to which his wrestling continued to flourish. Gama never lost a match in his 52-year career.

Used to conduct 5000 sittings and more than 1000 pushups in a day

Gama Pehalwan became famous as ‘Rustom-e-Hind’. He was known for doing 5000 squats and 1000 pushups in a day. There was no wrestler who could stand in front of him. He stunned all the wrestlers.

In the diet used to take 6 indigenous chickens, 10 liters of milk and 100 roti

Talking about the diet of Gama wrestler, people used to press their fingers after seeing them eating them. Actually, Gamma’s diet was such, which is beyond the reach of the common man. It is said that Gama Pehalwan used to eat 6 indigenous chickens, 10 liters of milk, half a kilo of ghee, almond syrup and 100 rotis in a day.

Bruce Lee was also influenced by Gama Pehalwan

According to a report, Gama had made her body with stone dumbbells. Famous martial artist Bruce Lee was also very much influenced by Gama and learned bodybuilding from him. It is said that Bruce Lee used to keep an eye on the workout of Gama wrestler through articles and then used to practice it himself. Bruce Lee also learned to impose punishment by watching Gamma.

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