You are currently viewing Gandhi Jayanti 2021: Did Mahatma Gandhi also celebrate his birthday? So what did Bapu do on his birthday? know here

Gandhi Jayanti 2021: Did Mahatma Gandhi also celebrate his birthday? So what did Bapu do on his birthday? know here

Gandhi Jayanti 2021: Preparations have been completed to celebrate the 152nd birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, 2021 with pomp in the country and the world. Not only in India, but in many countries of the world, the relevance of Gandhiji and his ideas is still vivid. Bharat Ratna Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi i.e. Mahatma Gandhi was fondly called as Bapu by the people. Bapu’s birthday is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti across the country.
Therefore, on his 152nd birth anniversary, all kinds of service work will be done. Gandhi Jayanti will be celebrated by the central and state governments as well as several political and socio-cultural organizations. In many institutions, this day is a holiday. But before celebrating Gandhi Jayanti, a question often comes to mind that how did Gandhiji celebrate his birthday? What did they do on their birthday? These are questions that most Indians may not know the answers to. So let’s know the unheard things about Gandhiji and the answers to these questions

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From cleanliness campaign to non-violence day
Many programs are organized on this day by the Gandhian social organizations and the government. In these, from cleanliness campaign to non-violence, Swadeshi and democracy are talked about. All these events are held on a large scale. While whether Gandhiji celebrated his birthday, if he did, how did he celebrate or what he used to do on his birthday, most people still do not know today.

When death was mentioned
Veteran Gandhian thinkers believe that Mahatma Gandhi did not celebrate his birthday. Famous Gandhian thinker Ram Chandra Rahi says that perhaps Gandhiji did not celebrate birthdays, but people did. Rahi cites an incident dated October 2, 1918, that Gandhiji told his followers, “After my death, my test will be whether I am eligible to celebrate a birthday or not.”

Followed a routine
According to Rahi, who was the president of the Gandhi Memorial Fund, Gandhiji used to follow his regular routine even on the day of his birthday. He used to pray at the appointed time, spin the spinning wheel, meet the people and was mostly silent. Gandhiji used to talk about the cleanliness of the mind as well as the cleanliness of the body and gave more importance to the purity of the mind. The symbol of Mahatma Gandhi is not only the broom, but Satyagraha, integrity and non-violence etc.

International non-violence day
On October 2, the date of birth of Bapu, who fought his fight through non-violence in the freedom movement, was declared as International Day of Non-Violence on June 15, 2007 by the United Nations. On the day of Gandhi Jayanti, a special tribute and prayer meeting is organized at Raj Ghat in the capital Delhi at the top level in the country. In this, all the politicians including the President, Vice President, Prime Minister pay floral tributes at the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi.


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