You are currently viewing Goga Navami 2022: Worship of Gogadev gives child happiness, both Hindus and Muslims worship him

Goga Navami 2022: Worship of Gogadev gives child happiness, both Hindus and Muslims worship him

Goga Navami 2022:- Apart from Rajasthan, the festival of Goga Navami is celebrated with great reverence and faith in some areas of Himachal Pradesh including Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. This time this festival will be celebrated on 20th August, Saturday. A huge fair is organized on Goga Navami in a town named Gogamedi in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. Here both Hindus and Muslims worship Gogadev. It is believed that by worshiping Goga Dev, there is no fear of snakebite i.e. snake bite and the desire of getting a child is also fulfilled.

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The story of the birth of Gogadeva is interesting.

According to legends, Goga’s mother Bachhal Devi had no children. Even after many efforts, when she did not have a child, she was disappointed. Then one day Guru Gorakhnath came to Gogamedi to do penance. Bachaldevi went to Guru Gorakhnath and told about her problem.
Guru Gorakhnath gave her a fruit to eat and blessed her to be a daughter-in-law and said, “Your son will be brave and the one who will subdue the serpents and be the head of the Siddhas. When Bachal Devi had a son, she named him Gugga. Later he came to be known as Goga Dev. He was the ultimate disciple of Guru Gorakhnath. Snakes do no harm by taking his name.

Hindu and Muslim both worship

In Rajasthan, people of all religions and sects go to bow their heads even today. People of Muslim society call him by the name of Jahar Pir. According to folk belief, Goga ji is also worshiped as the god of snakes. He is also known as Gugga Veer, Raja Mandlik and Jahar Peer. His horse’s stable is still there on his birthplace. Along with this, there is also an ashram of his Guru Gorakshanath.

Worship Gogadev in this way (gogadev ki Puja Vidhi)

After taking bath on the morning of Goga Navami, come home with the idol of Goga Dev riding on a horse. Worship Gogadev with kumkum, roli, rice, flowers, Gangajal etc. Offer kheer, churma, dumpling and offer gram dal on Goga’s horse with reverence. Listen to the story of Goga Dev with devotion and pray for the fulfillment of your wishes. In some places, Bambi of the snake is also worshiped on this day.

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