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Happy National Best Friend Day

June 8 is celebrated as the National Best Friends Day in the US. On this day, you can express your love for your biggest support system, your best friend. Read on to know the history and significance of this day.

National Best Friends Day 2021 is celebrated in the United States of America on June 8. As the name suggests, on this day you can express your gratitude towards the people who are the biggest support in your life and are closest to you – your best friends.

You get a chance to show your best friends how much you appreciate them, how special and important they are to you and how you cherish your friendship with them. After the immediate family, we all have a best friend in our lives who we consider our ultimate support system.

We all have that one close friend who we can count on to be there for us no matter the circumstances. They are the people with whom you want to share your secrets, want to do fun things, and hang out. They are the ones we call our best friends.


On June 8, you can express your immense love for these people in your life because they deserve every ounce of love. This year, due to the pandemic, people may not visit their best friends this year to wish them on National Best Friends Day. However, you can still make your best friend’s day special by sending out wishes and photos to let them know you’re keeping them in your mind during these tough times. Plus, this would be a great way to celebrate love and joy while following the social distancing norms.

History of National Best Friends Day

While the exact history or the origin of National Best Friends Day is unknown, it is believed that people started celebrating it in the Us in 1935. This day is popular among the younger generation, as they meet their friends and celebrate the day with full vigour.

Significance of National Best Friends Day

We have many friends in our life. However, there are a few special people who we can count on no matter what. These people are our best friends. National Best Friend Day is celebrated to appreciate these few gems of our life. On this day, you can celebrate your best friends by surprising them with their favourite goodies or buying a thoughtful gift.

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(FAQ)People also ask

Q1. Is Today World’s Best Friend’s Day?

ANS. June 8National Best Friend Day is celebrated on June 8 every year The day celebrates the best friend that you have. A best friend is someone who becomes your family – with whom you can laugh and cry, who will support you in both good and bad times.

Q2. Is August 2 National Friendship Day?

ANS. Founder Joyce Hall designated the day would take place on August 2 and decided it would be a day to celebrate the people closest to you — and send them a card or two in the process. … designated July 30 International Friendship Day. Nowadays, we celebrate National Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.

Q3. Is today close friend day?

ANS. To mark the importance of the most beautiful relationship in the world, Friendship Day is celebrated every year. Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30 in many parts of the world but in India, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. This year, it falls on August 1, 2021.

Q4.What should I do for my best friend’s day?

ANS. How to Celebrate Best Friends Day Together

  • Make a Best Friend Movie. …
  • Throw Them a Cocktail Party. …
  • Zen Out Together. …
  • Cook Them Their Fave Feast. …
  • Love Them a Latte. …
  • DIY a Dance Party. …
  • Wine and Dine Them. …
  • Tik-Tok Together.

Q5. Is Tomorrow National crush day?

ANS. National Crush Day is September 27 world-wide

Q6. Is National Girlfriends Day Real?

ANS. On August 1st, National Girlfriends Day encourages women across the U.S. to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship.


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