You are currently viewing Happy Vat Savitri 2022: Vat Savitri fast tomorrow, know the best time and method of worship

Happy Vat Savitri 2022: Vat Savitri fast tomorrow, know the best time and method of worship

Happy Vat Savitri 2022 : Vat Savitri Puja 2022: Vat Savitri Vrat has special significance in Hinduism. On this day, married women keep a fast for the attainment of unbroken good fortune. Along with this, there is also a law to worship the banyan tree.

Vat Savitri 2022 Puja Vidhi: In Hinduism, women observe Vat Savitri fast for the long life of their husband. Vat Savitri Vrat falls every year on the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month. On this day, married women keep a fast for unbroken good fortune. This year Vat Savitri Vrat is on Monday, 30 May 2022. This year, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is also being formed on the day of Vat Savitri fast. Hence the importance of this day is increasing. It is believed that the work done in this yoga gets completed.

Happy Vat Savitri 2022 Amavasya date from when till when-

Amavasya Tithi will start on 29th May 2022 at 02:55 pm, which will end on 30th May 2022 at 04:59 pm.

Know here the answers to all the important questions related to Vat Savitri Vrat

Happy Vat Savitri 2022: वट सावित्री व्रत कल, जानें पूजा का सबसे उत्तम मुहूर्त व पूजन विधि

Best time for worship-

According to the Vedic calendar, on May 30, a special coincidence of Vat Savitri fast is being made. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga will be there from 07.13 am on this day till 05.09 am on the next day on 31st May. This day is also Shani Jayanti.

Vat Savitri Puja Material-

Worship material of Vat Savitri fast includes idols of Savitri-Satyavan, incense, lamp, ghee, bamboo fan, red kalava, honeycomb, raw cotton, gram (soaked), banyan fruit, water-filled urn etc. needed.

Why banyan tree is worshiped on the day of Vat Savitri fast, know religious importance

Vat Savitri Vrat Puja Method-

On this day, after cleaning the house in the morning, take a bath after retiring from daily work.
After this sprinkle holy water all over the house.
Establish the idol of Brahma by filling seven grains in a bamboo basket.
Install the idol of Savitri on the left side of Brahma.
Similarly, establish the idols of Satyavan and Savitri in the second basket. Take these baskets under the banyan tree and keep them.
After this worship Brahma and Savitri.
Now while worshiping Savitri and Satyavan, give water to the root of the elder.
Use water, molly, roli, raw cotton, soaked gram, flowers and incense in worship.
After irrigating the banyan tree with water, wrap a raw thread around its trunk and circumambulate it three times.
Listen to the story of Vat Savitri wearing the ornaments of Bada leaves.
Get the blessings of your mother-in-law by touching the feet of your mother-in-law by taking out the seeds of the soaked gram, keeping cash money.
If the mother-in-law is not there, then make a Bayana and bring it to her.
At the end of the worship, donate clothes and fruits etc. to Brahmins by keeping them in a bamboo vessel.
Do not forget to listen to the virtuous story of Savitri-Satyavan in this fast. While worshiping, narrate this story to others as well.

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