You are currently viewing Harleen Deol takes a Stunning Catch to dismiss Amy Jones

Harleen Deol takes a Stunning Catch to dismiss Amy Jones

An extraordinary handling exertion by India’s Harleen Deol in the profound grabbed everybody’s eye after she picked a staggering catch to excuse England’s set player Amy Jones.

She was handling at long-off and Amy Jones crushed the ball into the profound! Everybody thought it was cruising for a most extreme yet Harleen hopped into the air and attempted to hang on.

Women's cricket has steadily grown over years: Harleen Deol
Harleen Deol

Lamentably, the limit ropes were only centimeters behind her and she immediately understood that on the off chance that she didn’t deliver the ball it would have been another six.

And afterward she hurls the ball noticeable all around and utilizes the ground and bounces once again into the battleground to make a plunge for a shocking catch!

The entire group raced to Harleen Deol to salute her for her heavenly exertion! What’s more, yes! It was probably the best gets of All-time if not The best!

Indeed, even the England camp was in shock and visuals of Danni Wyatt hailing her for her endeavors were seen!

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