You are currently viewing Huzurabad election result live updates: BJP candidate Eatala Rajender defeats his TRS rival Gellu Srinivas Yadav by 23,855 votes

Huzurabad election result live updates: BJP candidate Eatala Rajender defeats his TRS rival Gellu Srinivas Yadav by 23,855 votes

Huzurabad election result:-The Lotus Party is on the rise in the Huzurabad election results. It trailed slightly in the eighth round but bounced back strongly in the 9th round. A unanimous 1835-vote lead in this round. Overall, Itala Rajender continues to lead with 5111.

In the counting of votes in Huzurabad, the BJP and the TRS are at loggerheads. BJP candidate Itala Rajender continued to lead with seven rounds in a row. In the 8th round, TRS got the upper hand. With a 162-vote lead for the TRS in this round, BJP candidate Itala Rajender’s lead has been reduced to 3270. Gell Srinivas Yadav’s home village of Himmatnagar, however, was shocked by the TRS. It has become a hot topic for Rajender to get more votes there.

ఈటల రాజేందర్

The BJP continues to dominate the Huzurabad election results. In the seventh round, Itala Rajender got a lead of 252 votes. In all, he continues to lead by 3432 votes. In the seventh round, the party got 4038 votes while Srinivas Yadav got 3792 votes and the Congress party got 94 votes.

The BJP’s lead in the election results in Huzurabad has been growing round and round. In the sixth round, the party won a combined 1107 votes. This gave the BJP a lead of 3,186 votes. However, TRS leaders are optimistic that they will defeat the BJP by getting more votes in the coming rounds. So far, Itala Rajender has got 26983 votes and Gell Srinivas Yadav has got 23797 votes, election officials said.

The lotus is blooming in Huzurabad. By the end of the fifth round of counting, BJP candidate Itala Rajender was leading by 344 votes over his nearest rival, TRS candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav. The BJP is leading in all the rounds so far and is heading for victory. By the end of the fifth round, the BJP was leading by 2,169 votes.

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay said it was certain that the orange flag would fly in Huzurabad. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

Huzurabad: BJP candidate Itala Rajender has secured the upper hand in the counting of votes. In the fourth round, he had a huge majority of voters. In the fourth round, Eitala had a lead of 432 votes. This brought the total lead to 1695. The BJP got 46.50 per cent votes while the TRS got 44.80 per cent votes. The Congress party managed to garner only 1.67 per cent of the vote.

The Lotus Party is on the rise in the Huzurabad by-election. BJP candidate Itala Rajender, who had a 166 – vote lead in the first round and 192 votes in the second round, had a combined 911 – vote lead over TRS candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav. Overall, Eitala continues to lead by 1269 votes. It is clear that the roti maker mark has badly damaged the TRS vote bank in this election. Josh, on the other hand, was among the BJP activists who got the upper hand in all the three rounds of results.

Huzurabad: The BJP is on the rise in the election results. 166 votes in the first round .. 192 votes in the second round. Overall, BJP candidate Itala Rajender continues to lead TRS candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav by 358 votes. In the second round, the BJP got 4947 votes and the TRS 4769 votes. The Congress party got 220 votes.

Huzurabad: The first round of counting of votes in the by-elections has come to an end. In this round, BJP candidate Itala Rajender got a lead of 166 votes. With 4610 votes, TRS got 4444 votes and Congress got 119 votes. In the postal ballot, TRS candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav had a 344-vote lead over BJP candidate Itala Rajender. The counting of these votes will take place in a total of 22 rounds. The final result is expected by 4 p.m.

Counting of postal ballots in Huzurabad by-election is over. Out of a total of 723 votes, TRS candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav seems to have got the most votes. Out of these votes, TRS got 503 votes. BJP got 159 votes and Congress party got 32 votes. Also another 14 votes were declared invalid.

The counting of votes has started in Huzurabad. Staff counting postal ballots. The EVMs will then open at 8.30 am and the counting of votes will take place. EVM ballots at 306 polling stations are counted in 22 rounds. For this, a total of 14 tables were prepared at the two centers at the rate of seven tables. The first round result is expected by 9.30am, officials said.

The results of the Huzurabad by-election, which is of interest across the country, will be released today. Polling will be held on October 30. It will be known in a few hours to whom the voters will vote. The polling was recorded at a record level as polling took place from 7 am to 7 pm in the wake of Kovid rules. The district administration has made arrangements to start the counting process from 8 a.m. on Tuesday. The counting of votes will be conducted at SRR Degree College, Karimnagar. Candidates will open the EVMs secured in the strong rooms in the presence of the agents and announce the verdict of the voters deposited in them.

The EVM ballots at the 306 polling stations in the constituency will be counted in 22 rounds. Two centers have been set up here for this purpose. At the rate of seven tables, 14 tables were prepared in two places. Votes are counted simultaneously at these 14 tables in each round. The votes for the 30 candidates in the ring will be recorded table-wise and the round results will be officially declared after the approval of the Returning Officer. Even if it takes 30 minutes for each round like this .. it will be evening when the final result comes. The first round is expected to start at 9.30am.

Starting from Pothireddypet
Postal ballots will be counted first. The first EVM is then counted at 8.30 am. Votes will be counted in 306 EVMs belonging to 306 polling stations in two spacious halls. To this extent the staff has completed training. The counting will first start with Pothireddypet village (polling station) in Huzurabad zone. Finally, the votes will be counted in the EVM of Shambhunipalli (PS No. 305) in Kamalapur zone.

Candidates slow down on winning
The result of the prestigious Huzurabad by-election has aroused interest from all quarters. Candidates from major parties took the victory as a challenge. The ruling TRS is confident that their candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav will win here. It is hoped that development and welfare schemes will contribute to success. On the other hand, former minister Itala Rajender, who came out of the TRS with the slogan of self-respect, stepped into the ring from the BJP. He is confident that people will bless him. The Congress is preparing to test its luck by fielding young leader Balmuri Venkat.

Loud betting
Who will win in Huzurabad when the by-election schedule is released? There is a lot of betting on that. Especially in Karimnagar, Warangal, Greater Hyderabad and other districts, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Kadapa and Godavari districts in Andhra Pradesh are betting heavily.
Are in progress. Who will win until the day before polling day? Betting on those things. When the election is over, who will win the majority, in which round? How many votes will go to which party?

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