You are currently viewing ICC Women’s World Cup 2022, Bangladesh Women vs South Africa Women: Live Cricket Score And Updates

ICC Women’s World Cup 2022, Bangladesh Women vs South Africa Women: Live Cricket Score And Updates

ICC Women’s World Cup 2022, Bangladesh Women versus South Africa Women, live cricket score and updates: Bangladesh are taking on South Africa in their mission opener at the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup at the University Oval in Dunedin on Saturday. This is whenever Bangladesh first have equipped for the Women’s ODI World Cup and they attempt to do their absolute best and establish a connection during this competition. South Africa, then again, have made the semi-finished product two times in the Women’s ODI World Cup and will expect to improve this time. (LIVE SCORECARD)

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Last 20 Updates:-

  1. !We are back for the chase! The players stride out to the middle. Shamima Sultana and Sharmin Akhter are the openers for Bangladesh Women. Shabnim Ismail to start with the ball. Let’s go…
  2. !… THE RUN CHASE …
  3. !Right then! The bowlers of Bangladesh Women have done their job. It is onto their batters now to chase this decent target against a quality bowling side of South Africa Women. Can Bangladesh Women chase it down and kickstart their campaign with a victory? Stay tuned to find that out as the chase will begin shortly.
  4. !Marizanne Kapp is up for a quick chat. She says that they knew Bangladesh have a lot of spinners and it was always going to be difficult for them to adjust to their pace. Tells that they are 20-30 runs short and should have done well with the bat. Mentions that they have runs on the board and must bowl well now to get a win here.
  5. !Bangladesh Women started impressively keeping it tight from both ends and Fariha Trisna ultimately got the early breakthrough they were looking for. They kept the pressure on and didn’t allow the runs to come easy. Wolvaardt’s wicket was the key for them as after that they kept chipping in with crucial wickets. Fariha Trisna was the pick of the bowlers as she finished with 3 wickets and was very economical as well. Other bowlers also chipped in nicely and were very economical. Except Nahida Akter, everyone got atleast a wicket and they will be mighty pleased with their efforts.
  6. !South Africa Women had a pretty sedate start where Laura Wolvaardt did most of the scoring while Tazmin Brits found it very tough to get going. She was dropped on a duck but could not make the most of the lifeline and departed early. Wolvaardt was moving along nicely but after she got out, the batters just came in and went back making little contributions. Marizanne Kapp and Chloe Tryon did stitch a crucial partnership and steadied the ship for a while but once the latter got out, things went downhill and South Africa Women didn’t quite get the finish they were looking for.
  7. !Making their maiden appearance in Cricket World Cup, Bangladesh Women have put up a solid show and will be very proud of themselves. They controlled most part of the game and were hardly put under pressure and have done well here to restrict South Africa Women to 207. For the Proteas, no one was able to convert their starts and have ended up with a below par total.
  8. 49.5WRITU MONI TO AYABONGA KHAKAOUT! STUMPED! Ritu Moni gets her second wicket and that is it for South Africa Women. Ayabonga Khaka advances down the track to this length ball and has a wild swing at it. She misses and Shamima Sultana behind the sticks collects the ball cleanly to whip the bails off. Ayabonga Khaka has no chance of getting back in the crease and South Africa Women are bowled out for 207.
  9. 49.42RITU MONI TO AYABONGA KHAKAFull and wide, outside off. Ayabonga Khaka drives it to deep cover where the fielder fumbles and the batters take a total of 2 runs.
  10. 49.30RITU MONI TO AYABONGA KHAKANOT OUT! Another ball, short and wide, outside off. Ayabonga Khaka looks to cut but she doesn’t get any bat on it. The keeper collects the ball and whips the bails off but the batter had made her way back in time.
  11. !A stumping referral is sent upstairs. The third umpire first checks for UltraEdge, but there is no bat involved. Replay rolls in and shows that Ayabonga Khaka had her feet grounded. NOT OUT!
  12. 49.20RITU MONI TO AYABONGA KHAKABack of a length, outside off. Ayabonga Khaka looks to cut but she misses.
  13. 49.11RITU MONI TO MASABATA KLAASFull and outside off. Masabata Klaas drills it to long on for one run.
  14. !Ritu Moni will bowl the final over.
  15. 48.61JAHANARA ALAM TO MASABATA KLAASThis is a full ball, on middle. Masabata Klaas works it to long on for a single.
  16. 48.50JAHANARA ALAM TO MASABATA KLAASA bit full and wide, outside off. Masabata Klaas drives it to the mid off fielder.
  17. 48.40JAHANARA ALAM TO MASABATA KLAASGood-length ball, around off. Masabata Klaas keeps it out.
  18. 48.3WJAHANARA ALAM TO MARIZANNE KAPPOUT! CAUGHT! A really good catch to send back Marizanne Kapp to the hut. A length ball, around off Kapp looks to tonk it over deep mid-wicket but she mistimes is high in the air towards deep mid-wicket. Fargana Hoque there, runs in from the deep and takes a good low catch diving in front. Sinalo Jafta is the last batter to come in.
  19. 48.20JAHANARA ALAM TO MARIZANNE KAPPPlay and a miss! Back of a length, well outside off/ Marizanne Kapp looks to cut but she misses.
  20. 48.11JAHANARA ALAM TO MASABATA KLAASA low full toss, outside off. Masabata Klaas pushes it to the off side and gives the strike back to Kapp.

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