Independence Day 2022 Images and Quotes : Send this patriotic message to your friends on Independence Day

Independence Day 2022:-August 15th would have been a special day for every Indian. Patriotic songs are being played everywhere in the morning. In such a situation, the atmosphere becomes more patriotic. Everyone has a holiday on 15th August, so everyone can spend this day as per their wish. In the midst of celebrations, you must send these patriotic messages to your friends.

No one can leave our country like this,
No one can break our relationship like this,
Our heart is one, our life is one,
Hindustan is ours, we are its pride.

Will never allow the evening of freedom.
The sacrifices of the martyrs will not be allowed to be discredited.
Whatever a drop of blood is left,
Till then Bharat Mata’s Aanchal will not be allowed to be auctioned.
happy Independence Day

Come bow down and salute them…
In whose part this position comes;
Lucky is the blood that is useful for the country!
happy independence day

Sometimes chill in the cold and see,
Sometimes looking at the water in the scorching sun,
How is the country protected?
take a look at the border
Jai Hind Jai Bharat

hanged himself and shot him in the chest,
We salute those martyrs,
On the lost country, we salute them!
Happy Independence Day!

We are free, this freedom will never be snatched away
We will never allow the pride of the tricolor to fade away.
Anyone who will raise an eye towards India
Won’t let those eyes see the world again

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