India Sunil Gavaskar : Is Doston responsible for the defeat of the Indian team? Gavaskar retaliates against coach….

India Sunil Gavaskar : has hit back at the bowling coach for saying that toss was the main reason for India’s defeat.

The 7th Men’s T20 World Cup Series kicks off on October 17. In this, the Indian team lost to Pakistan and New Zealand in the Super 12 league round and threatened the semi-final opportunity early on. Currently officially out.

Following this, Indian bowling coach Bharath Arun, who met reporters yesterday, explained the reason for the defeat. “In cricket, toss is the name of the game. Not enough to guarantee a winner. But, Dostan is very important in the United States. That’s all if you lose the toss. There seems to be a lot of difference between batting first and batting second. This should not be an issue in low overs like T20I. ”

He added, “After playing in the IPL and playing in the T20 World Cup immediately after the break is said to be the cause of the damage. that is truth. The Indian players have no rest after the postponement of the first body matches of the IPL. ” This interview is currently receiving heavy reviews. Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar in particular has been harshly critical of the interview.

In an interview with a private newspaper, he asked, “Is Doston responsible for the failure? You can’t say that. The Indian batsmen could not play properly against the Pakistan and New Zealand bowlers. They didn’t let us hit the big score. We batted first against Afghanistan and scored over 200 runs. Secondly ice was not an issue when we were bowling… Why? Because, we had scored big. That is why.” He said.

He added, “If we had scored 200 runs in the first innings, the opposition would have been forced to chase. The impact of the snow would not have been a matter at all. The truth is, our batsmen were troubled by the Pakistan and New Zealand bowlers. Don’t let the runs accumulate. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

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“It simply came to our notice then. May even be true. I have no bio bubble experience. If you knew you had a problem with this you might not have played in the last few matches of IPL 14th season. It may have been refreshing to take a break for the T20 World Cup, ”said Sunil Gavaskar. Support for his ideas is growing. Fans have been sharing comments on the internet as to whether cash is more important to players than the country.

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