You are currently viewing Infosys CEO Salary: Huge increase in Parekh salary .. how many quotes did you get ..

Infosys CEO Salary: Huge increase in Parekh salary .. how many quotes did you get ..

Infosys CEO Salary : Salil Parekh, chief executive officer of tech giant Infosys, has been given a huge pay rise. According to the company’s annual report, Salil Parekh’s compensation increased by 43 per cent to Rs 71 crore in the 2021-22 financial year, Infosys said on Thursday. Parekh’s revenue has soared with the stock incentives he received last year. The company also said that variable payments based on his performance have increased. Among stock options, he received a total of Rs 52.33 crore, while his fixed salary was Rs 5.69 crore. Of this, retirement benefits are Rs 38 lakh. Salary also has a variable pay of Rs.12.62 crore.

Infosys CEO salary hiked to Rs 71 crore
Increase compensation with stock incentives
Parekh is the CEO of Infosys for another five years
Nilekani who voluntarily gave up remunerations

A few days ago, Salil Parekh was selected as the CEO of Infosys for another five years. Unlike the founders of Infosys … it is a privilege to have an outsider continue as Chief Executive for years. With the current extension, Salil Parekhne will be the CEO and MD of Infosys until March 2027. Salil Parekh has been the CEO and MD of Infi since January 2018.

The salary of Infosys rival TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan has increased by 26.6 per cent to Rs 25.77 crore in FY2222. This was revealed in the annual report submitted by the Tata Group last week.

Infosys Chief Operating Officer UB Praveen Rao received a salary of Rs 37.3 crore. He received Rs 17.3 crore in the 2021 financial year. UB Praveen Rao’s salary also went up sharply last year. He retired from the company in December 2021. His allowances from stock options increased to Rs 26.2 crore. However, Nandan Nilekani, the executive chairman and non-independent director, did not receive any remuneration last year. He voluntarily gave up his salary.

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