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IPL 2021 Virat Kohli : RCB ownership shocks Kohli .. Really ?!…

IPL 2021 Virat Kohli Could Be Removed From RCB Captaincy: “Team India captain Virat Kohli will be removed from the Royal Challengers Bangalore captaincy in the middle of the second leg of IPL-2021.

Speculations were rife that he would be relieved of his captaincy if he did not win the title once. RCB, which was in a better position in the first phase of the latest season, is rumored to have lost badly in the first match of the second tier. In particular .. Virat Kohli (5 runs) as the captain and batsman in their first match against the Kolkata Knight Riders was a complete failure, the essence of which is that the franchise will take this decision. However, how many of them are real?

In fact, it is known that Kohli has already announced that he will step down as RCB captaincy after this season. Earlier, he had said that he would say goodbye to Team India’s short format captaincy after the ICC Major Event T20 World Cup. Many sports analysts believe that Kohli has decided to reduce the pressure and become a better batsman.

Do you do that for a single match?
Kohli, who has been at the helm of the RCB at full strength since the 2013 season, has yet to win a title. Also, Bangalore is one of the teams in the history of the IPL that has never won a cup. In this context, it is natural for Kohli to think of winning the trophy this time and saying goodbye to the captaincy with dignity. However, RCB were bowled out for 9 by KKR in the first match of the second innings, leaving Kohli out for 5, much to the disappointment of the fans.

In this context, the news that the RCB management intends to remove Kohli from the captaincy from the match against Chennai Super Kings on September 24 is rumored. National media reports said that a former Team India player had made comments to this effect. According to the details .. Dinesh Karthik (KKR), David Warner (SRH) Kohli commented that he would take the same course.

Is it really possible for RCB to treat Kohli so insultingly? The majority of sports analysts say no. Because … the main player for RCB is Kohli. Even if he has not won a single title so far .. if the team has so many fans .. there is no doubt that Kohli’s image and branding are the reason for that. It is an undeniable fact that RCB has a fan base at this level due to his craze as a team India captain and run machine.

In fact, Kohli himself has announced that he will step down after this season and continue as a player. And .. if he is partially relieved of his captaincy under such circumstances .. there are opinions that the loss to the RCB will be greater than the loss to Kohli. On the other hand, if Kohli leaves on his own, there are rumors that another star player, AB de Villiers, may take over the reins of Bangalore.


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