You are currently viewing Jamshedpur FC 1-0 Sudeva FC Delhi HIGHLIGHTS: Jamshedpur beats Sudeva to win its first match in the Durand Cup

Jamshedpur FC 1-0 Sudeva FC Delhi HIGHLIGHTS: Jamshedpur beats Sudeva to win its first match in the Durand Cup

Jamshedpur starts its Durand Cup crusade with a success in its first match, beating the table for the present, with a pivotal objective by Lalruatmawia in the principal half. Both of its vital participants, in any case, were stolen away in a cot as the group guaranteed a hard battled win.

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Full Time

Jamshedpur FC 1 – 0 Sudeva Delhi FC

90+4′ Another injury for Jamshedpur! The objective scorer Lalruatmawia presently took away in a cot

90+3′ YELLOW CARD! Sudeva gets its first reserving as Mohit is shown a yellow card

Saphaba and Advait’s wounds permit the players to play for five additional minutes in the injury time. Sandip Mandi still a stone in guard

90+1′ Sakir gives a cross which falls into the goalkeeper’s hands as the mentor presently yells to fall back.

90′ Just injury time left! Jamshedpur can nearly detect it is nearly there. Sudeva keep channes occupied with Shridhartha making the runs.

86′ BLOCK! William flies in the ball,which ultimately gets played into the case however at last obstructed by Jamshedpur. Another corner and the ball flies out of play for an objective kick.

Jamshedpur looking exceptionally solid protectively now.

85′ ANOTHER YELLOW CARD FOR JAMSHEDPUR FC! While trying to stop Shridharth, Vikas Singh gets a yellow card.

84′ Naocha to Danny into Jamshedpur’s container and afterward to Willian, however loses the ball and gets a corner for his group

82′ Final eight minutes of guideline time. Will Jamshedpur register its first success in the competition, or will Sudeva make a “Fergie-time” rebound? Continue to follow this space.

80′ INJURY FOR JAMSHEDPUR FC! Its midfield maestro Advait is stolen away field on a cot. Angelo replaces him.

Two changes for Sudeva:Michael comes in for Sudeva for Subho Paul, who missed its punishment, while Danny come on for Sanga.

78′ As we move into the most recent 12 minutes of the match, it is full scale assault against a “steel divider”. Jamshedpur parting with nothing as the Delhi-based side keeps posing inquiries.

75′ Sudeva currently playing a 4-1-4-1 development as its wingers attempt to make runs along the channels.

73′ Mohit taking a stab at everything from a long ball to a long toss to push his group forward…with no prompt outcome as Jamshedpur presently walk forward

71′ Saphaba again down as the group physio attempts to treat his issues.

71′ Advait keeps on holding the midfield as Naocha and Sanga attempts to discover holes in Jamshedpur’s association

68′ “Aage Ja! aage Ja” (March forward) says Jamshedpur FC’s mentor as the group keeps on safeguarding Sudeva’s assaults

67′ Piush comes in for Beyong as Jamshedpur rolls out its second improvement of the match.

66′ Naocha and Shridharta keep Sudeva’s assault sharp as Jamshedpur attempts to lay back and shield its slim lead.

65′ Advait attempts to present the ball for Jamshedpur as it is kicked away by Mohit

62′ Sudeva overwhelming the second half now with another corner, which was gotten well, however it missed the objective, with the ball falling on the highest point of the net.


60′ PENALTY! A slip from Sandip gives Sudeva a punishment

58′ Change for Jamshedpur FC as Meitei goes off for Sakir.

54′ Naocha and Shridharth come in for Sudev as it makes its expectation understood. Just assault now as No.9 enters the pitch and starts with is first possibility on objective

53′ Beyong left ball-looking as Sudeva keeps control of the ball. Dorji yells, empowering his chaps

52′ Saphaba gets up in the wake of getting wrecked after a tackle. No cards or appointments included

50′ MISS! Jitendra attempted to trick the goalkeeper with a low ball, which is in the end halted by the goalie. No genuine speed in the ball at.

49′ Jamshedpur is at present top of the table an in the event that it can figure out how to do as such all through the gathering stage, it will play the second positioned group in bunch C

47′ Beyong holding the wingers well as Jamshedpur stick on to its limited lead

45′ Sudeva presently squeezing the Men of Steel with Sandip Mandi cleaning the ball off of Jamshedpur’s container


SECOND HALF: The players group before the second-half with Sudeva rolling out one improvement in the subsequent half.


Recently, Durand cup saw a high scoring match in Mohammean Sporting 4-1 win. Will the subsequent half today see more objectives? Continue to follow this space for live updates.

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Jamshedpur completes the primary half with a lead, while Sudeva keeps on posing inquiry from set-pieces. Will the side from Delhi make a rebound ?

45+1′ YELLOW CARD! Jitendra of Jamshedpur FC gets the primary booking of the match.

44′ MISS! Sanga misses the objective as he takes the ball askew. Jamshedpur fortunate to not have great set pieces conflict with it.

43′ Foul for Sudeva as Mohit is brought somewhere around Advait. Opportunity for a set piece.

41′ MISS! Meitei accepts a shot as the ball skims past the woodwork. Jamshedpur isn’t seeking stop for the half-time whistle.

38′ Ruatmawia attempts to make one more run for objective, yet the ball simply over shoots. Jamshedpur stays on top since the objective.

35′ MISS! Left Back William heads the ball that narowly misses Jamshedpur’s objective. Start to finish stuff this

33′ GOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!! Lalruatmawia makes a rush to flick it past the goalkeeper as Jamshedpur starts to lead the pack.

Jamshedpur FC 1 – 0 Sudeva FC Delhi

32′ Jamshedpur attempting to play the long ball front and center yet Kima actually holds stronghold.

30′ Kima holding the Sudeva fortress well as Meitei keeps on making runs along the wings. The previous DSK Shivajians player is showing precisely why he is the commander of his group.

27′ Almost thirty minutes to the game, yet no genuine balanced possibilities yet. Jamshedpur still in charge in the midfield.

25′ A side-footed shot structure Advait as the ball misses the objective.

23′ FOUL! Meitei surrenders a foul from a place that saw an objective yesterday, however the ball goes over. The score still 0-0.

20′ Metei clears the ball as the mentor praises the leeway. “Man-stamping! (Man le)” yells the Jamshedpur FC mentor

17′ Kuki makes an effort for Sudeva, as it avoids out for a corner.

16′ A SHOT! Meitei makes an effort for Jamshedpur yet the ball takes askew. No genuine inquiries posed to goalkeepers on either end up until now.

14′ Sudeva yelling to keep the ball on the ground as his players shoot twice askew.

14′ Nikhil Barla makes one more run, which was in the long run caught by Sudeva. Nikhil and Advait making the work simpler for Jamshedpur to pose inquiries.

12′ Jamshedpur keeping the game in its rivals half, squeezing high. Sudeva, then again, is attempting to develop something in the midfield.

10′ Sudeva playing in back passes with long-ball endeavors for capture attempt, while Jamshedpur is denoting its rivals well indeed.

9′ Sudeva FC’s endeavors fro the wing stopped by Jamshedpur as the ball is tossed into play once more.

8′ Jamshedpur pushing ahead with Barla now the architect….but is managed off-side.

4′ Jamshedpur playing the ball forward through a corner. Advait playing admirably in the center of the recreation center.

Start up: The Game starts! Jamshedpur playing from left to right and Sudeva FC on the opposite end


Jamshedpur FC Staring XI: Jitendra Singh, Sandip Mandi, Vishal Yadav, Rishi, Advait Sumbly, Nikhil Barla, Kojam Beyong, Lalruatmawia, Vikas Singh, Telem, Sorokhaibam

Sudeva FC Starting XI: Kabir Kohli, Lotjam, Subho Paul, Sairuatkima, Kharpan, Korou Singh, William, Sukhan Deep Singh, Renthlei, Mohit Singh, Khogsai

Match Preview

Jamshedpur FC will start off its mission in the Durand Cup against Sudeva Delhi FC in bunch B, which is prosperity viewed as the gathering of death as title competitor FC Goa and 2016 Durand Cup victor, Army Greens are likewise in it.

Delhi’s first side in the Durand Cup, Sudeva FC has Bhutanese supervisor Chencho Dorji in the hole, the main man from Bhutan to lead an I-League side.

Jamshedpur FC then again, keep on walking under the tutelage of previous Burnley supervisor Owen Coyle.

The main two groups from eah gathering will progress to the quarter finals and the last of Durand Cup will happen on October 3, 2020.

Complete Jamshedpur FC crew

Goalkeepers: Rehnesh TP, Pawan Kumar, Vishal Yadav

Safeguards: Subhash Barua, Stephen Eze, Eli Sabia, Peter Hartley, PC Laldinpuia, Anas Edathodika, Narennder Gahlot, Jitendra Singh, Ricky Lallawmawma, Sandip Mandi, Laldinliana Renthlei, Boris Singh, Karan Amin, Billu Telli, Gaurab, Sapam Kennedy Singh, Alex, Gorachand Mamdi

Advances: Mobashir Rahman, Seiminlen Doungel, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Farukh Choudhary, Komal Thatal, Jordan Murray, Nerijus Valskis, Ishan Pandita

Complete Sudeva Delhi FC Squad

Goalkeepers: Sachin Jha, Ashish Sibi

Safeguards: Ngaraipam K, Prashant Choudhary, Lalliansanga Renthlei, Gursimrat Singh Gill, Sairuat Kima, Pradison Mariyadasan, Augustin Fernandes, Harbamon Timung, Abhishek Ambekar, Akashdeep Singh, Mohit Singh, Pawan Joshi

Midfielders: Mohit Mittal, Lunkim Seigoulun Khongsai, Souvik Das, Sinam Maichael, Ansh Gupta, Pintu Mahata, William Pauliankhum, Vanlalzahawma

Advances: Jonah Kamei, Ishan Rozario, Ngangbam Naocha, Shaiborlang Kharpan, Manvir Singh, Shubho Paul, Lalawmpuia Ralte, Rostam P

Where would you be able to watch?

Durand Cup matches won’t be broadcast on any TV station. It tends to be streamed live on the OTT Platform addatimes from 2:55 pm.


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