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Kapil Dev: Kapil Dev said about IPL – people say there is a lot of pressure in it, I say so don’t play

Captain Kapil Dev, who made India the world champion for the first time, has given a big statement about the IPL. He has said that if players feel pressure to play IPL then they should not play this league. Kapil Dev led India to win the ODI World Cup in 1983 under his captaincy. Since then, the face of cricket in India has changed and the players have benefited from it.

The game of cricket has changed a lot in the last 39 years. Now apart from Test and ODI, T20 format has also started. All the players play for their country as well as play T20 leagues. In such a situation, the busy schedule of a league like IPL is a lot of pressure for the players. However, Kapil Dev believes that players should not play cricket when they are under pressure.

Kapil talked about many things in the ‘Champions of Aakash 2022’ program. He told that what is the difference between when he used to play and now. He said “I had the passion to play. That’s the difference. I would like to change the subject a bit. I hear a lot on TV these days. People say, ‘There is pressure, we play IPL, there is a lot of pressure’. I say the same thing. ‘Don’t play’. What is this pressure? If you love cricket, there should be no pressure.”

Former Indian Cricketer Kapil Said If You Feel Pressure In Playing IPL Than I Will Say Don't Play It ‘IPL में इतना दबाव होता है तो मत खेलो...’ टी20 वर्ल्ड कप से पहले कपिल देव ने दिया बड़ा बयान

He continued, “These are ‘American words’, pressure or depression. I don’t understand it. I am a farmer. I came from there. We played for fun and where there is joy, there cannot be pressure.” Various reactions are coming on social media on Kapil Dev’s statement. There are some people who feel that things have changed due to the generation gap during the time Kapil used to play. There are also those who feel that Kapil is right and there can be no pressure with Anand.

Separate coach for mental health

At present, all the teams keep separate coaches for the mental health of the players. Apart from this, there are also conditioning coaches, who work on the physical characteristics of the players. In such a situation, Kapil has given rise to a debate with his statement, which is going on in social media.

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