You are currently viewing Karnataka Rajyotsava 2021: Five Must-try Traditional Dishes of Karnataka

Karnataka Rajyotsava 2021: Five Must-try Traditional Dishes of Karnataka

Karnataka Rajyotsava 2021:-The southern Indian territory of Karnataka is commending its 65th establishment or the Kannada Rajyotsava today on November 1. The state was cut out on a lingual premise in 1956 and was at first named Mysore, suggestive of an old royal system. Notwithstanding, remembering individuals’ opinion and request, the state was renamed Karnataka on November 1 1973.

The exceptional day is praised with much energy and enthusiasm by Kannadigas from varying backgrounds. The festivals start with the yearly show of the Rajyotsava Awards, the second-most noteworthy non military personnel honor by the Government of Karnataka. Individuals appreciate neighborhood social works of art and treat their tastebuds with bona fide nearby foods.

Mysore Masala Dosa

The Mysore Masala Dosa is maybe the most well known Karnataka food and is accessible in pretty much all aspects of the country. While it is very like the ordinary masala dosa, the spot of blazing red chutney gives it its own character.


Another south Indian cooking that is monstrously famous across India is the idli. While the standard idlis are little in size, Karnataka’s thatte idli is plate-sized. It’s pre-arranged with an aged hitter of dark lentils, rice and presented with offering chutney and sambhar segments.


The famous Karnataka nibble of Maddur vada gets its name from Maddur town in Mandya area. The batter ready with flour, onion, semolina and different species is leveled in little roundabout shapes. It’s then, at that point, rotisserie until fresh outwardly.


What better way of finishing the Karnataka food feast than a decent part of Mysore Pak. Ready with chickpea flour, sugar and ghee, the sweet dish simply softens in the mouth.


This chicken curry tastes solid of coconut and tamarind and is a strength of the Bunt people group of Mangalore. The curry is appreciated with serving of rice.

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