You are currently viewing Kotigobba 3 movie: Kichcha Sudeep apologizes ..!

Kotigobba 3 movie: Kichcha Sudeep apologizes ..!

Koichobba 3 : Actor Kicha Sudeep has apologized for not releasing the movie ‘Kotiyogoba 3’. Apologies for the problem with tweeting.

Koichobba 3 : Due to a technical problem, the long-awaited film of Kutti Sudeep starrer 3 Millionaires did not appear today. The millionaire who is preparing to make a grand entry to the arsenal of silverware has let down 3 fans. If all goes well, Sudeep fans should have been celebrating in theaters since this morning. But due to a technical problem, cinema is not released today. Cinema lovers who come to the cinemas from the morning and return to the cinema are returning home from the summer. The cinema show is now open from 6 am to 10 pm, and those who are waiting for it to start are desperately returning home.

It is my responsibility to inform all my friends who are waiting at the theaters. There is a variation in cinema due to reasons. It has nothing to do with theater. Do not behave badly or annoyingly at them, ”Sudeep appealed.

‘I am waiting for the release of the film. We are excited to bring the picture back to the screen after such a big gap. But be patient in such a situation. Please be careful not to cause any trouble to the theater and the audience. I will inform you about the movie release and show time soon, ”he tweeted.

The movie ‘Kotiyogaru-3’ will be released tomorrow morning. The state-of-the-art frenzy started at 6 am. The film has a technical problem. The technical problem will be solved within the evening. The film’s producer Surappa Babu has announced that the movie KotiGoroba-3 will be released tomorrow morning.

Koichobba 3 movie Review

Police security for Bhumika cinema

Bhoomika Theater has been selected as the premier cinema hall for the release of 3 crore movie. Bhoomika Theater has been given police protection as a precautionary measure in the backdrop of cinema releases today. Fans who are currently at the theater have been sent home by police.

Surappa Babu has produced Shivakarthik’s Kothigar 3 movie, which is a sumptuous set of attractions, location and sakhat action sequences. In addition, Bollywood actors have added to the cinema. Aftab Shivdasani opened an account in Sandalwood with a millionaire. Shraddha Das, Tabala Nani, Ravi Shankar and Rajesh are in the cast. Ashika Ranganath’s Special Appearance is also in the cinema.

Kitch Sudeep has appeared in two shades in the movie Cinema. But the cinema trailer did not break the curiosity of whether he was a double role or only one of the two shades in the film. Nawab Shah, the villain of the movie, is plotting to kill a virus. Aftab Shivdasani is a policeman and is trying to arrest Sudeep. The overall cinematic trailer has doubled the curiosity about the film, which is no mistake.

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