You are currently viewing Naane Varuven movie review: Dhanush owns the screen in Selvaraghavan’s best work in recent times

Naane Varuven movie review: Dhanush owns the screen in Selvaraghavan’s best work in recent times

Naane Varuven:-The online of the film is whether the final struggle of a father who does anything for his daughter is won or not. Prabhu (Dhanush) lives a happy life with his wife and daughter. The world is the daughter of the loving father. Suddenly, unusual changes are seen in his daughter’s actions. Distraught by his daughter’s strange behavior of talking alone at night without sleeping, the noble struggles to rescue her from it. Did he ultimately rescue his daughter in such a struggle? Isn’t it? What is the problem with him? What is the story behind all this? – ‘Nane Varvane’ is a movie that tells these things in horror-thriller style.

The scene of Dhanush walking in slow motion to the song ‘Veera Soora Deera Vada’ makes the theater splash. A mild-mannered ‘gentleman’ with bespectacled, voluminous beard. A monstrous ‘ray’ in a flat-headed, clean-shaven look. Dhanush perfectly separates the characteristics of both the characters through his performance. Even though we have already seen two such Dhanushes in the film ‘Kodi’, Menakettu has shown innovation in not wanting to stick to its image. Especially the scenes where the face is tilted and the eyes are turned upwards to reveal the ferocity of Glass!

Naane Varuven movie review: Dhanush brings his usual excellence to this well-made thriller.

Selvaraghavan impresses with his menacing appearance even if he comes for a few minutes. Induja Ravichandran has given the required performance. Hiya Thave, the little girl who plays the daughter, has carried the central emotion of the film with her performance. In the second half, the acting of actress Elly Avaram and the boys who play the childhood versions of Dhanush and his sons strengthen the storyline. Besides, Yogi Babu, the need for aristocratic characters, is not much needed on screen.

After almost 11 years, the Dhanush-Selvaraghavan alliance has become possible. But this time Selvaraghavan has filmed Dhanush’s story. Although it is a familiar story from ‘Kanchana’ to ‘Conjuring’, the first half of the film is filled with interesting suspense as the screenplay wraps itself around various knots. The first half of the film, moving with emphasis on the story without mass scenes, captures the passion of the audience by recording the father-daughter affection on the one hand and the helpless condition of the father who cannot save his daughter, along with some paranormal scenes. Especially, fans are calling the twist that comes at the break as ‘Selva Sir incident’.

The plot around the plot is weakly written and artificial, so the events surrounding it don’t really keep us glued to the screen. A lot of logical questions make the second half screenplay uninteresting and pass as mere scenes. In particular, the fact that Kathir’s character’s psychological problem and its background are not clarified and only the monstrosity is shown, it fences the enjoyment more than one level.

The father-daughter affection, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s goosebump background music, the way old songs are adapted to the scenes, the song ‘Veera Soora’ and some interesting sequences are the only things that hold the film together. Om Prakash’s cinematography features white night, dense forests and fight scenes.

Overall, while the first half was interesting in the horror-thriller style with suspense, the second half of ‘Nanae Varuane’ lacks a lot due to logical errors and weak screenplay.

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