You are currently viewing Navratri 2021: Do not make these mistakes even by mistake in the fast of Devi Navratri…

Navratri 2021: Do not make these mistakes even by mistake in the fast of Devi Navratri…

Navratri 2021 : Many of us perform fasting initiations during Devi Navratri, but some of us are not able to get the results of fasting initiation due to small mistakes made without their knowledge. Worship as mentioned here and get the grace of Goddess.

Navratri 2021: Navratri is celebrated in many states of the country. Many people fast and perform initiations during this time. There are fasting initiations and pujas about health and family well-being, but some people make some kind of mistake without realizing it, not getting the result of the puja and not getting what they want. If you are also fasting during the holy Navratri, know these important rules and follow them strictly.

Important rules to follow during fasting

Fasting means not only not eating rice or not eating food, but also keeping the mind pure. During fasting, fasting initiation is completed only by keeping your focus on God and worshiping according to the rules. Therefore the following rules must be followed.

Rules to follow:

-In the first day of Navratri, install the cell according to the rules
-Bath in the morning on Navratri days, put on clean clothes, and then clean the puja hall as well.
-Worship daily according to the rules for the rest of Navratri.
-Only in the morning, in the evening also give aarti to the mother with a ghee lamp.
-If an intact cauldron is lit, make suitable arrangements to keep it lit for 9 days. Do not chill it after the last day of worship, just wait until it cools itself.

Whenever you have time in the day, recite Durga Saptashati every day and chant the mantra.
-Eat fruits on an empty stomach and do not eat other foods by mistake.
-Mother Durga blesses only those who worship with an immaculate pure mind. So do not be angry with anyone during fasting and do not curse whores.
-Do not cut hair and nails at this time.

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