You are currently viewing New Delhi fire: Two factory owners arrested, charged with culpable homicide

New Delhi fire: Two factory owners arrested, charged with culpable homicide

New Delhi: Mundka fire case: A major fire accident took place at Mundka in the capital Delhi. So far, 27 bodies have been exhumed in the blaze. Seven people are reported to be trapped inside. A building in West Delhi area caught fire yesterday evening. The factory owners have been arrested in connection with the fire. He has also been charged with culpable homicide. Meanwhile, the fire is being investigated. An FSL team will go to the spot to investigate the fire at Mundka in Delhi. The FSL team will find out the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal canceled the meeting of MLAs. A meeting of MLAs convened on MCD’s bulldozer action has been canceled. The meeting called at 11 a.m. was canceled. The Aam Aadmi Party also canceled today’s agitation at Aadesh Gupta’s house. The decision was taken in the wake of the Mundka fire. The building did not have adequate fire protection, the report said. Delhi fire officials said the building did not have adequate fire protection. The building has not been given NOC by the fire department. The fire was so fierce that the entire building was engulfed in flames. Firefighters battled the blaze for more than eight hours. Meanwhile, the owners of the building, Harish Goyal and Varun Goyal, have been arrested by the Delhi Police.

In the morning, everything started smoothly in the Mundakya building. The motivational class began on the second floor of the building around 4pm on Friday. At 4.30 pm, smoke started rising from the first floor of the building. Then there was the uproar on the first floor. After receiving information about the fire from the police and fire brigade, the fire brigade and a police team reached the spot 10 minutes later. At 4.50 pm, people started jumping from the first and second floor with the help of ropes to get out of the building. Police rescued several with the help of locals.

At around 5.00 pm, several vehicles of the fire brigade reached the spot one by one and started extinguishing the fire. The body of a 45-year-old woman was found on the road at 6.20 pm. Firefighting continues. The injured were rushed to a local hospital. The fire was contained at 10.50 pm and the cooling operation began. A total of 16 bodies were recovered by the fire brigade. This number gradually increased and reached 27. Once again, around 11.40 am, flames appeared on the first floor. The fire was then contained by the fire brigade. The search continued with cooling work till 12.00 pm.

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