You are currently viewing PM Modi UP Visit Live: PM Modi laid the foundation stone of Ganga Expressway, said – UP + Yogi is very useful special things…..

PM Modi UP Visit Live: PM Modi laid the foundation stone of Ganga Expressway, said – UP + Yogi is very useful special things…..

PM Modi UP Visit Live: Ganga Expressway Lay Foundation Live: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached here today to lay the foundation stone of Ganga Expressway at Rosa Railway Ground in Shahjahanpur. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also present with him. Prime Minister will also address the public, read every update…
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Sotiganj market was also mentioned

There is a market in Meerut, Sotiganj, the harvesting of stolen vehicles was done here. No one had the courage to stop it, but Yogi ji has done the work to stop it. Those who like the support of the mafia will only talk about the mafia. We will talk about those who PM Modi UP Visit Live: have made this country by renunciation of austerity.

It is our aim to give proper place to those who dedicated their life for the freedom of the country. In this episode, a museum is being constructed in Shahjahanpur. This will continue to inspire dedication towards the nation. Be it East, West, Awadh or Bundelkhand, the work of developing all the corners of UP will continue. With this, the PM stopped his speech by raising the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
02:28 PM, 18-DEC-2021

There are some parties which have problems with both the development and the heritage of the country: PM

There are some parties who have problems with both the heritage and development of the country. These people have problems with becoming the Dham of Baba Vishwanath, with the Ram Mandir, with the cleaning of Ganga ji. These same people question the action of the army, question the corona vaccine of Indian scientists.

When the government works with the right intention, what are the results that UP has experienced in the last few years. Earlier people used to say that if you light the lamp, then come back home because when the sun was setting, then those waving kattas used to come on the streets. This katta is gone and it had to go. Questions were being raised on the safety of daughters every day, it was difficult for them to go to school.

When the merchant businessman used to leave in the morning, the family used to worry, when there would be a riot, no one could say that there would be arson. The PM said that your love and blessings inspire us to work day and night. Earlier there were reports of migration from many villages. The Yogi government has worked very hard to change the situation in the last four and a half years. Today, when the mafia runs on a bulldozer, the pain goes to those who nurture it. That is why today the people of entire UP are saying that UP + Yogi is very useful.

02:21 PM, 18-DEC-2021

Small farmers benefit from our policies- PM

The PM further said that earlier there was a need for emergency here at night, then the people of Hardoi Shahjahanpur had to flee to Lucknow, Kanpur Delhi. There were no hospitals and no roads. But now there are medical colleges as well, roads are also there. That’s how strong work, honest work happens. It is the priority of our government to empower those who are backward in the society, to bring the benefits of development to them. The same sentiment is reflected in our farmers related policy as well. The policy that we have made from seed to market has been made by looking at the small farmers. The money that has reached directly in the account under PM Samman Nidhi has directly benefited the small farmers. We are connecting them with Kisan Credit Card facility. Our aim is to expand the area under irrigation and enhance technology. Our effort is to create such an infrastructure near the village itself, so that the cultivation of perishable vegetables is more and their crop reaches the market soon. This will benefit the food processing unit and the market will be available in the village itself.

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