You are currently viewing Rajyotsava Award honoring true folk talent Gauramma Huchchappa Master

Rajyotsava Award honoring true folk talent Gauramma Huchchappa Master

Sagara (Shimoga): A resident of Mankalale road in the city’s outer zone, 77-year-old Gauramma Huchchappa Master, who has been honored with the Rajyotsava Award, is a tribute to seniority.

Gauramma was born on 1 June 1945 in Padavagodi, Conley, Taluk. Gauramma, who was born into the united family of Dokaji Manchappa and Ramamma, spent her childhood in the dense forest of Manjinaka. Despite her formal education, her mother was educated in the art of folk song and haze chitra. From the age of 11, Gauramma grew up singing songs with Hase Chittara. Raitapi was twenty-something rice with his sisters in a labor culture, fed up with folk songs.

gauramma huchappa mastar

On May 5, 1962, Gouramma held the hands of folklorist Manchappa Master, who helped him achieve the Masters. Gowramma’s mother has seen the mother of the tribal children of the Hiramane Ashram school and the researchers who are seeking guidance from the madrasa masters. Due to the desi style of worship, Gauramma has become close friends of the madrasa masters.

Gauramma is ready to hand in folk paintings such as White House, Red House, Wedding House, Art Decoration of Earth Full Moon basket, Paddy Teak Door Swag, Basket of Horticulture.

Gauramma is important because of the folk world specialties such as wedding songs, folk songs and puzzles. Those who have a passion for learning can lovingly tell. Gauramma can also be tasted in the traditional cuisine of the Malaya Diva. As the mother of three sons, the wife of a man who has lived as an integral part of the folk world, and a competent mentor of folk enthusiasts, she has been honored with a life-long love interest.

Previously, honors such as the Karnataka Folk and Yaksha Gana Academy Award and the honors of the fine arts of the Ashwasan Institute were honored. He has participated in more than one hundred workshops, lectures and training workshops as a resource person. The Chetana Gauramma Rajyotsava Award of Senior Chetanna of Malnadu is commended by comrades, madrasa masters disciples, folk enthusiasts.

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