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Rhea Kapoor: Karan Boolani Set Couple Goals ….

Rhea Kapoor: if couple goals are a thing, Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani’s relationship tops the list of inspiration. Anil Kapoor’s daughter, a film producer herself, has been in a relationship with Karan for over 13 years and nothing seems to beat the sweetness of their years of togetherness. From Christmas dates to cute gestures that showed their care for each other, we can’t get over this couple. Now, the couple are reportedly getting married today. As we wait and watch where life takes these two on their journey, here’s reminiscing their heart-warming times together. 

Let us begin with this beautiful frame featuring Karan Boolani and their princess Lemon Boolani. Both Rhea and Karan were seen together during summer this year as they spent time with furry friends and lots of delicious food. As for the caption, wrote, “Picking my moments, my family, my friends and some roses.” 

Here, we see the couple sharing kisses and cuddles at a party. Rhea Kapoor wrote, “Sunday can be a person too.” We surely know who her Sunday person is.

Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani were earlier seen enjoying a boat ride. As the two wrap their arms around each other, they share a sunset moment together.

Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani’s love for their pets and delectable cuisine is immeasurable. Last winter, they were sharing it all with smiling faces and adorable hugs. “Happy hearts, happy tummies, happy pictures,” the caption read.

The couple spent their last Christmas together in Goa as is evident from this photo that Rhea Kapoor posted.

Karan Boolani has often been caught on camera taking care of his beloved. In one photo, he is fixing Rhea Kapoor’s dupatta. In the next slide, Rhea is seen hugging and kissing him.

On Karan Boolani’s birthday last year, Rhea dropped a touching post to celebrate the “growing up partner’s” presence in her life. She expressed her “relief that if I never do anything right in my life again I got the most important thing right.” For Rhea Kapoor, “13 years of you are not even close to enough. I feel like we just met and I’ve known you forever.”

Rhea Kapoor also reminisced their first film together, Aisha. In her photo, she is seen embracing Karan. She wrote, “My first film and my first love.”

Rhea Kapoor loves “her person” as much as she loves pizza. Now, that seals it all, doesn’t it?

Here’s wishing this couple more beautiful times together.


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