You are currently viewing Sawan Ekadashi 2021: ‘Girirajji’ will be seen in  adbhut shade of Ghata…..

Sawan Ekadashi 2021: ‘Girirajji’ will be seen in adbhut shade of Ghata…..

Sawan Ekadashi 2021 : Agra, Jn. The philosophy of Ghatas i.e. the unique beauty of the same color, the wonderful image, the use of the same color in the makeup, dress, curtains and offerings is the definition of the philosophy of Girirajji’s Ghatas.

In the month of Sawan, Sawan Ekadashi 2021 this special makeup is done for five days of different events. From Ekadashi to Rakshabandhan, this beauty will attract devotees at the Dan Ghati Girirajji temple, and will force the devotees from far and wide to kiss the holy Raj of Braj. The buds will be included in the Lord’s adornment.

Ghata Darshan will be organized at Danghati temple for five days from Wednesday to Sunday. Ashok Purohit, who is associated with the temple system, said that this event could not be held last year due to corona infection, but this time devotees will be able to get the benefit of traditional darshan. Five dresses of five colors have been prepared by Shyam Lal of Kasganj. Priest Mukut Kaushik told that for five days, the decorations will be decorated for the adornment of Govardhan Maharaj. Along with Girirajji, the temple complex will also be painted in the same color.

The red colored diamond adorned on the chin along with the veils, dress, jewelry of the particular color will compel one to gaze at the tableau of the Lord. Efforts are made to make the tableau wonderful by using jewelery for the unique makeup of Girirajji. In the decoration of Ghatas, green color on Ekadashi Wednesday and white color on full moon Sunday will be decorated. The decoration of the Lord and the beauty of his place will be given with flowers of different species. However, being the month of Sawan, greenery will be used daily.

This is how Ghata’s darshan happen:

Parikshit Kaushik of Sevayat Samaj told that five selected green, saffron, red, white and black colors are used in special makeup. When there are special darshans of yellow color in Ghata Darshan, Girirajji wears a yellow green dress in it. Yellow buds and flowers with a golden crown give a yellowish feel. The musk tilak on the head and sandalwood on the cheeks is also yellow

एकादशी से पूर्णिमा तक पांच दिन दानघाटी मंदिर पर होगा विशेष आयोजन।

. Yellow colored items are given preference in the offerings of the Lord, even milk is converted into yellow color by adding saffron. Jewelery of the same color is used according to the reduction in the makeup. Special color will also be used in Pushp Mahal, as if Braj Vasundhara has been painted in the same color.


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