You are currently viewing Shoaib Akhtar  : Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev Shoaib Akhtar in tears .. Pakistan fans on fire…

Shoaib Akhtar : Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev Shoaib Akhtar in tears .. Pakistan fans on fire…

Shoaib Akhtar : New Delhi: Former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar has drawn the ire of his own fans. Akhtar arrives in Dubai for T20 World Cup. He also shared these photos with the fans on the Twitter platform without stopping. “Have fun with the best players in cricket, the best players like Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Zaheer Abbas,” he tweeted. However, Pakistan fans could not bear to see Akhtar lash out at Indian players. Akhtar is being vilified as a social media platform. Akhtar has been widely criticized for doing anything for paise.
Kayyam with Harbhajan ..

ముందే చెప్పా..

He responded in his own style to a tweet by Shoaib Akhtar aimed at Team India veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh. It is known that bullets of words have been exploding on the field between the two for many years, as a social media platform. In this context, Bhajji Ditu responded to a fun tweet made by Akhtar recently. The crucial match between India and Pakistan will take place next Sunday as part of the T20 World Cup. In this context, many iconic cricketers from both the teams have arrived in Dubai to participate in cricket analysis programs.

After all 200 wickets …
Against this backdrop, Harbhajan and Akhtar took part in a salaam cricket forum organized by India Today. The former Pakistan pacer shared the photo on Twitter and posted, “I took part in a discussion in Dubai before the India-Pakistan match with the all-knowing Mr. Harbhajan Singh.” In response, Harbhajan Churka added. “A player with more than 400 wickets knows more about cricket than a player with less than 200 wickets in Tests,” Ditu said. Akhtar took 178 wickets in Tests. Harbhajan took 417 wickets.

As I said before ..
Speaking to the official broadcaster during the IPL 2021 season, Harbhajan Singh said that India will inevitably lose to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. He also told Akhtar about this. ‘I said the same thing to Shoaib Akhtar … you pave the way for us … you play … but you lose … you must not be disappointed. Our team is very strong. I told Akhtar that our people will definitely defeat you, ”Bhajji said.

భారత్‌దే ఆధిపత్యం..

Dominance of India ..
However, in the history of the World Cup, India has absolute dominance over Pakistan. Fans are skeptical that Team India will win this match as well. India won 7 ODIs and 5 T20I matches against Pakistan. It is known that Pakistan, who last faced India in the group stage during the 2019 World Cup, wrapped up a humiliating defeat by 89 runs.

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