You are currently viewing SKanda Sashti Festival 2021: Mappillaisamy … Do you know who is called Machan Sami?

SKanda Sashti Festival 2021: Mappillaisamy … Do you know who is called Machan Sami?

SKanda Sashti Festival 2021 : According to the Bharatakula Pandya genealogy, Lord Murugan married Deivana, the daughter of Indra, who was born in a fisherman’s clan, and fishermen still call him Murugan, Machan Sami. Arumugam Perumanan Utsavar Kumaravidanga Peruman Mappillai Sami is called. Worshipers of the Groom Sami receive the privilege of marriage.

Thiruchendur Kanda Sashti Festival : Thiruchendur Subramanian Temple is the place of worship of Guru Bhagavan. This is the Jupiter site. Guru Direction Guru Wisdom walkers. It is hoped that if those who have a marriage ban come to Thiruchendur and see Murugan, the marriage ban will be lifted. For those who are fasting Kandasashti in Thiruchendur, the marriage ban will be lifted and childbearing will be available. Get success in doing things. Sashti fasting is observed for six days. If you sit and fast at Thiruchendur Murugan Sannidhanam during Sashti fasting, things will happen as you thought. Bala Thevaraya Swami has said that those who have chronic stomach ache can be cured by chanting Kandasashti Kavasam at Thiruchendur Murugan Sannidhi.

சஷ்டி விரத பலன்

Arumugam Perumanin Ursavar- Kumaravidanga Peruman. The groom is called Sami because he himself gets up for weddings. Fishermen call Murugan Machan Sami, who killed Surana and married Deivana.

SKanda Sashti Festival 2021 :Legend has it that the Thiruchendur site is the site of Guru Parikarat. Jupiter Guru has worshiped at Thiruchendur and installed his yantra. The gods had been subjected to the sin of blasphemy by participating in the yajna performed by Datsan. As a result the power of the gods diminished and Surabathman’s hand was raised. His power flew in all the seventeen worlds. The gods ran away in fear of Surapadman. The whereabouts of Indra are unknown. When Prakaspati, the guru of the gods, is found, Asura Vendan tries to get rid of him. The question of what is the solution to all this is within Kurupagavan. Kurupagavan was walking through the forest with thoughts burning in his mind. Kurupagavan came to the forest near Veeramakendrapuri, the capital of Surapadman.


He chose a place there and immersed himself in meditation thinking of Shiva. Then the Guru saw the son burning like fire from the forehead of Shiva in the hand. Veerapaku, Veerakesari, Veeramakendran, Veera Makesan, Veera Purandaran, Veera Rakshasan, Veera Marthandan, Veera Ranthakan and Veerathiran emerged from the mother’s statue. Raised by the women of Karthika, Lord Murugan and the Nava warriors rallied to defeat Surana and came to this forest where Kurupagavan repented. At Devendra’s request, Lord Jupiter told Lord Murugan all the details about Surapadmana. After listening carefully to everything, Kandan said before saying goodbye to Kurupagavan, ‘Devakuruve! This is an unrepentant correction for you to visit me. No longer said that we are both equally respected here. After the war, when I went to the temple here, he went on to say that this saint, Tiruchirappalli, would also be the place of the Guru by their name. Since then in Thiruchendur the Guru has been blessing as Bhagavan, the God who gives birth to children and the Guru who gives wisdom.

மாமரம் வளராத காரணம்

It is said that the scriptures of the Gayatri Mantra are the 24 theerthams. According to the Kanda Purana, Lord Murugan created a fountain of water with a weapon to quench the thirst of the soldiers. The theertham covers an area of ​​one square foot. They call it ‘Skanda Pushkarani’. Also known as the clock well, it is a perennial well because of the very small amount of water it faces in a single step. It is the belief of the devotees that they should visit Kandaperumaan after bathing in it.

The first place where Lord Murugan stayed in Senthur was the Shiva temple called ‘Singa Kolhunteesar’. There are no festivals in this temple. Murugan wakes up here to see his father. One of the important places to visit is the Vallik Cave, which is located along the beach, near the Murugan Temple. Lord Murugan split Surapathumana, who had turned into a sage, into two with a weapon. One part of it turned into a rooster and the other into a peacock. So mangroves do not grow here.

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