You are currently viewing Surasamaharam : Do you know the legend of Surasamaharam?

Surasamaharam : Do you know the legend of Surasamaharam?

Surasamaharam: Legend has it that Lord Murugan incarnated to destroy the monster.

Lord Murugan destroyed a monster called Surabathman. The event that destroyed this Surapadmana is said to be Surasamaharam. Surasamaharam is one of the most celebrated festivals in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Now let us know about the mythology behind Kanda Sashti or Surasamaharam

சஷ்டி விரத பலன்

Kanda Sashti festival is celebrated for 6 days. On the sixth day of it the devotees will fast severely. The fast performed on this day is called Kanda Sashti fast. There are various Murugan temples in South India. On the day of Kanda Sashti, the temples of Lord Murugan are beautifully decorated and special pujas are conducted there. The most famous festival in Thiruchendur in South India is the Surasamara celebration. On the day of Surasamahara, millions of devotees gather at this temple to witness this Surasamahara event.

Surasamaharam is celebrated in honor of the victory of Lord Murugan who killed the demon Surabathman with his sword. The myth of Surasamaharam is very interesting. According to the legends, a monster named Surabathman was torturing the gods.

To get rid of this the gods went to Brahma and asked for help. To tell Brahmar that only Shiva can destroy Surapadmana, the devas went to the temple and asked Shiva for help. Thus Lord Shiva created Murugan with his forehead. Then in Thiruchendur, Murugan defeated Surapadmana and defended the gods. Legend has it that Lord Murugan incarnated to destroy this monster altogether.

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