You are currently viewing T20 World Cup Ind vs Nam : Highlights Bye..bye with success…!

T20 World Cup Ind vs Nam : Highlights Bye..bye with success…!

T20 World Cup Ind vs Nam : Departure from the T20 World Cup

Rohit holds the record for most catches (44) for India in international T20s. Raina surpassed Kohli (42).

Rohit is the third highest run scorer (3,038) in this format. Kohli (3,227), Guptill (3,115) led the way.

T20 World Cup Ind vs Nam : India’s reign over the BCCI-hosted T20 World Cup is over. The expected result in the final group match, which was of no use to either of the two teams in the ring, was the same as in the tournament. Tata told the tournament that TeamIndia had traded Namibia with victory. Also in the short format, from leadership responsibilities to Virat Kohli.

India Vs Namibia Highlights, T20 World Cup 2021: IND crush NAM by 9 wickets  in Kohli's final match as T20I captain | Hindustan Times

T20 World Cup Ind vs Nam : Dubai: In the nominal match, the team beat Namibia to the level of Team India. Rohit (56 off 37 balls with 7 fours and 2 sixes) and Rahul (54 not out off 36 balls with 4 fours and 2 sixes) once again showed form and hit half-centuries. . The Indian team won their last match in Group 2 by 9 wickets. This will be Kohli’s 50th match as captain. However, Virat Sena, who failed to reach the semis, will return home. Earlier in the day, Namibia scored 132 for 8 in 20 overs. David Weiss (26) and Bard (21) excelled. Bumrah took two wickets. In the ensuing innings, India won by 136 runs in 15.2 overs for the loss of wickets. Jadeja was named man of the match.

The same thrust ..:

The openers gave India a lightning start as usual in the short cut. Rohit escaped catch in the third ball of the innings and then Dhanadhan started the game. Scoring 4,6 in the second over, he also completed 3,000 runs in this format at an individual score of 20. The team scored 54 runs in the power play with Rahul also batting. Rohit completed his half-century off 31 balls. He turned dangerous and was flirted out with a slow ball in the 10th over. That ended an 86-run partnership for the first wicket. This is the third 50+ share in a row between the pair. Rahul and Suryakumar (25 not out) played against the opposition after the departure of Hitman. Increased the score with intermittent boundaries. Rahul, who completed his half-century off 35 balls in the innings, finished the match with a four in 15.2 overs.

Scared with spin:

Namibia were bowled out by spinners Jadeja and Ashwin. But with David Weiss and the fight appearing in the lower order, the team scored a seemingly insignificant score. The openers made an effort to provide a good start. Van Lingen (14) hit two fours in the Bumrah over. Another opener Bard hit a six in the third over. But the noise broke in the fifth over. The 33-run partnership for the first wicket ended with Bumra dismissing Lingen. The spinner then bowled from 7 to 15 overs. Namibia lost five wickets for 72 runs as veterans Jadeja and Ashwin chased down wickets in successive overs, though Rahul Chahar, who played his first match of the tournament, was unaffected. At this stage, David Weiss effectively countered the spin bowling and scored. But the fall of wickets at the other end did not stop there. Jadeja took the key Smith (9) wicket in successive overs. Frillink (15 not out) assisted Weiss at the end. However, Bumrah was injured in the 19th over by Bumra.

T20 World Cup Ind vs Nam : Scoreboard


Stephen Bard (LB) Jadeja 21; Van Lingen (c) Shami (b) Bumra 14; Williams (st) Pant (b) Jadeja 0; Erasmus (c) Pant (b) Ashwin 12; Lofty Eaton (c) Rohit (b) Ashwin 5; Vijay (c) Rohit (b) Bumra 26; Smith (c) Rohit (b) Jadeja 9; Green (b) Ashwin 0; Frillink‌ (not out) 15; Trumpelman (not out) 13; Extras: 17; Overall: 132/8 in 20 overs. Fall of wickets: 1-33, 2-34, 3-39, 4-47, 5-72, 6-93, 7-94, 8-117. Bowling: Shami 4-0-39-0; Bumra 4-0-19-2; Ashwin‌ 4-0-20-3; Jadeja 4-0-16-3; Rahul Chahar 4-0-30-0.


Rahul (not out) 54; Rohit (c) Green (b) Frillink 56; Suryakumar (not out) 25; Extras: 1; Overall: 136/1 in 15.2 overs. Wicket fall: 1-86. Bowling: Trumpman 3-0-26-0; Weiz‌ 2-0-18-0; Sholz‌ 1-0-11-0; Smith‌ 2-0-17-0; Frillink‌ 2-0-19-1; Lofty Eaton‌ 4-0-31-0; Van Lingen 1.2-0-13-0.

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