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Tamil Nadu Lockdown: Sunday Lockdown in Tamilnadu: The rising number of corona cases across the country is raising fears of a ‘third wave’. States are taking precautionary measures in this regard. The Tamil Nadu government has recently announced a ‘Sunday lockdown’.

Sunday Lockdown in Tamilnadu: The Tamil Nadu government has taken a crucial decision as the corona is booming again. It has decided to implement a full-fledged Sunday Lockdown every Sunday across the state. The ‘Sunday Lockdown’ will take effect on the 9th of this month. Health Minister Subramaniam issued a statement to this effect. Complete guidelines along with official orders from the Chief Minister’s Office in this regard are yet to be revealed.

As far as corona cases are concerned, 2371 corona cases were registered in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday (December 4). This brings the total number of corona cases to 27,55,587. Another 9 people died with corona. The total number of corona deaths reached 36,085. The state has so far registered 121 omicron cases. The Ministry of Health has directed that those infected with Omicron cases be kept in home isolation despite taking two doses of the vaccine. RTPCR recommended undergoing Kovid tests five days after home isolation. If the test shows a negative, regular work can be done … If it turns out to be a positive, stay at home isolation for a few more days.

There is currently concern that the threat of a ‘Third Wave’ is looming as the number of corona cases across the country continues to rise. States like Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and other states are already enforcing night curfew. Weekend curfew is in force in Karnataka and Delhi. In the respective states, the occupancy in theaters has been reduced to 50 per cent and only 100 people are required to attend weddings and other functions. If the number of cases (Covid cases in India) continues to rise, more states may face tough action in the future.

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