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Teacher’s Day 2021:- Shayari on Teacher’s Day

Teachers Day Shayari Quotes Images: Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th September in the country. It is dedicated to the gurus who show the right path to life. The birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. Teacher’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1962.

On the occasion of teachers, you can also wish your guru, teacher, master through these shayari, in which the glory and honor of the guru has been threaded in poetry. If you also want to send Teacher’s Day Shayari to your teachers, then you can send these Shayari.

  • The jewel of adab training is the jewel of youth
    They are the disciples who do Khidmat-e-Ustad.

Whom every person gives respect,
One who builds heroes.
The one who makes a human being a human being,
We salute such a guru.

  • Where is the Guru without knowledge?
    His knowledge has neither beginning nor end here.
    Where the Guru gave education,
    The idol of etiquette arose there.

peace taught lesson,
The darkness of ignorance dispelled,
Guru taught us,
Love is victory over hate.

  • The idol of the parents is the guru,
    In this Kali-yuga, the appearance of God is Guru.

God gave life
The love given by parents,
But A Guru Hum Hai Thank you for learning and studying.

Those who teach the lesson of truth,
He is called the true Guru.
One who makes life easier with knowledge,
He is called the true Guru.

  • Life would not have been realized without a guru,
    When the Guru’s hand was on the head,
    Only then the right shape of life is formed,
    Guru is the basis of successful life.

As an example of ideals,
child life grooming teacher,
Blooming like an evergreen flower,
Smells and smells teacher,
By taking new inspirational dimensions,
Teacher makes every moment gorgeous,
By giving us the knowledge of accumulated wealth,
Teacher celebrates a lot.

  • You have made me worthy
    that I can achieve my goals,
    You have given me so much support all the time,
    Whenever I felt that now I am losing.

Who came as a light in our life,
I bow to such gurus,
Who has the skill to take them from the ground to the sky,
I salute such teachers from the bottom of my heart.

You taught me to walk with a finger
You taught me how to handle after a fall,
Because of you we have reached this point today.

Parents and masters are all the mercy of God
Your favor is in favor of them.

How hard do our masters teach?
Our masters teach us every knowledge
break the magic of the darkness of the world
Our masters burn the flame of knowledge

“was in the darkness of oblivion
made an identity
me from the sorrow of the world
made unknown
he was so kind
Guru gave me a good
man made”


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