You are currently viewing Teacher’s Day Special: In this era of technology, the tradition of teacher-disciple has changed, but the relationship has not changed much

Teacher’s Day Special: In this era of technology, the tradition of teacher-disciple has changed, but the relationship has not changed much

Teacher’s Day Special:-In this era of technology, the tradition of guru-shishya has changed. Guru has also changed a bit. The students have also changed a bit. Yet the relationship between the two has not changed much. If books come in studies, then the gurus will also come, but the gurus who teach the book of life were respected earlier, are still there and will remain so in the future, because they show the light to get out of every darkness.

There is still respect for them
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the country’s first Vice-President and second President, was born on 5 September. He considered the role of teachers to be important in nation building. He believed that the real teacher is the one who prepares the students for the challenges of tomorrow. Undoubtedly the thoughts of Bharat Ratna Dr. Radhakrishnan are relevant even today. Since the last year, the role of teachers has changed due to the Corona epidemic.

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Online classes have replaced physical classes. During the lockdown across the country, the challenge of reading before the students has increased and the teachers of the country have accepted this challenge very well. Coming out of the world of physical classes, it has fulfilled its responsibility very well by successfully presenting the content to the students in online classes. It is a different matter that children facing poverty in different parts of the country lacked smartphones. They could not directly join the online classes. In this odd situation, there were some teachers who, following the Corona guidelines, went to the homes of the students and taught them physically. Undoubtedly, many teachers have done this work with the spirit of dedication and sacrifice. Such teachers deserve respect.

Dr. Radhakrishnan’s early life was full of financial challenges, but he faced it firmly. The study continued despite the deteriorating economic conditions. Born in Tirutani village in Tamil Nadu, Radhakrishnan earned 17 rupees during his career and this was the source of his large family. Sometimes they even had to borrow money to meet the needs of the family. Once he could not repay his loan money on time, he had to sell even his medals, but did not give up the study. For 40 years he did the work of teaching. When the second president became president, some students expressed their desire to celebrate his birthday on 5 September. He told the students, “If Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th September, it will be a matter of pride for them.” Teacher’s Day was celebrated on this day in his honor. This sequence started in the year 1962, which continues to this day. In fact Dr. Radhakrishnan was a gem of India.

There is a moral question
Teachers are the fundamental axis of development of society and civilization. The parents give birth to the child. The development of knowledge in that child is done by the teacher, not the parents. The teacher does the work of making someone a doctor, someone an engineer, someone a scientist, someone an administrator, etc. It was his teacher who made Vishnugupta Chanakya. In the second stream of society and the idiom of the language, the teacher was called a guru. The tradition of Guru Puja started in India even before Dev Puja. Guru was placed in the category of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. From the Puranic era to the Bhakti period, all the prominent sages worshiped the Guru, bowing down to his supremacy.

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Maharishi Krishna Dvaipayana, who became popular as Vedavyasa, explained the meaning of ‘Srimad Bhagwat’ by teaching his son Shukdev ji. In the medieval period, Malik Muhammad Jayasi, Kabir, Sur, Tulsi etc. worshiped the Guru and described his importance and ideal life. Today the materialistic influence has caused an unexpected change in the life values ​​of man. The whole social system is entangled in the web of meaning. Teacher is also a unit of that society and there should not be any hesitation in saying that today’s teacher has started giving more importance to meaning than expected. Although the truth is also that the teacher may try to increase the number of students of tuition, but he does not leave the subject and his moral religion while teaching them. Doctors, lawyers, engineers open many avenues to earn money, but the teacher renders the subject while following the responsibility. Perform your responsibility by becoming a teacher for the welfare of the nation, educate the citizens and take the country forward, only then our life will be successful and meaningful.

Parents’ cooperation is also necessary
Students are suffering a lot due to Corona pandemic. In view of the concern of the parents about the future of the students, the government has allowed the students to enter the schools. Along with this, parents have been told that the admission of students in schools will be as per their permission. If they want to send their children to school, if they do not want to send it is also up to their wish. Parents have to give consent form before sending their children to schools. Both school attendees and non-schoolers will continue to be enrolled in the school. At present, the impact of the epidemic is small, but the possibility of a third wave cannot be ignored.

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In such a situation, parents should send their children to school very carefully. The second wave of Corona created a terrible orgy. In view of this, experts in various fields also do not agree to send children to school. The main reason for this is that young children are not yet vaccinated. Detailed information related to the prevention of corona epidemic has been given by the government. so now it is unfair to say

It is likely that someone is still ignorant of the information about the symptoms related to corona. Therefore, parents, being fully aware, regularly check their children for symptoms related to corona properly before sending them to school.

After that, send your child to school only when he is completely healthy. Every morning before going to school and after coming home from school, children must be identified by asking them about tests such as dry cough, fever, fatigue/weakness, difficulty in breathing. If still a parent is not familiar with the symptoms, then teachers or many other means can get information. A hasty step can prove to be dangerous for oneself and others. Parents definitely need to be vigilant. Their positive cooperation will be an important step in sustaining the teaching process in the school.


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