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The bullet will fire without gunpowder, will hit up to 200 km; DRDO is making deadly railgun

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is also working on the weapons of the future. In this connection, he has also started initial preparations for making Electro Magnetic Railgun. This is such a cannon that can hit a distance of 200 km. This is a deadly weapon of the future for the three land, naval and naval forces.

In this, not gunpowder, but electro magnetic field is used to fire ammunition. DRDO has published a detailed report on Railgun in Technology Focus Journal. Work on this has been started in his laboratory Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) in Pune.


How railgun works

Electromagnetic field is created by means of electric current. This generates kinetic energy, which throws the ball in the railgun at a speed of six to seven times the speed of sound. It is necessary that only those shells can be used in railguns which are capable of electromagnetic flow.

Former DRDO scientist Dr. Ravi Gupta says that many countries including America, Russia are working on Electro Magnetic Railgun. China has also made similar claims. In such a situation, if India also works on it, then it will prove to be important to deal with future defense challenges.


The railgun is a thing ahead of the cannon. The firepower of the cannon is up to 50-60 km. The range of the railgun is up to 200 km.
It can be used to fly enemy ships at sea, to avert missile attacks or to shoot down enemy aircraft.
It’s not possible with a cannon. The things that can be done with small missiles can be done with it. Due to no use of gunpowder, the cost will come down.

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