You are currently viewing The Ghost Movie Review: Nagarjuna ‘The Ghost’ Movie Review.. Action Packed Thriller..

The Ghost Movie Review: Nagarjuna ‘The Ghost’ Movie Review.. Action Packed Thriller..

Review: The Ghost

Actors: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Sonal Chauhan, Gul Panag, Anika Surendran, Srikanth Iyengar, Ravi Varma etc.

Editor: Dharmendra Kakarala

Cinematography: Mukesh.G

Music: Mark Kay Robin

Producer : Sri Venkateswara Cinemas, North Star Entertainment

Directed by: Mohan Raja

Release Date : 05/10/2022

The Ghost

The Ghost Movie Review | King Akkineni Nagarjuna’s latest movie is ‘The Ghost’. Screened in the background of Spy. The film is directed by the talented director Praveen Sattaru, who has worked with Garuda Vega, and there are huge expectations for this film. Let’s see in our movie review whether Nagarjuna got success with the movie ‘The Ghost’ which was released as a Dussehra gift.


Nair Group of Companies. Attempts are being made to take over Nagarjuna’s sister company. The Ghost Story is about Nagarjuna’s quest as an uncle to protect his sister and niece from a batch that is chasing his niece. It is simply the ghost story line. Rather than the story, it is the story that has taken this movie to another level. If you add a family drama to a spy action thriller, you can think of it as The Ghost as the finale.

Article, Technicians..

Nagarjuna’s acting is good in this movie. Vikram (Nagarjuna) plays an Interpol officer. After Garuda Vela, Praveen Sattaru’s direction is also good. Good marks for director taking. He succeeded in making it look more stylish. And if the ghost songs and background music do the magic, Praveen Sattaru’s narration is likely to cause vibrations at the box office. Bharat – Saurabh’s songs are good. The background score by Mark K Robin is fantastic.

As for the actors..

Nagarjuna gave a good performance. Heroine Sonal Chauhan also acted well. She also acted in action scenes with Nagarjuna. Gul Panag, who played Nag’s sister, was also impressed with her performance. Anika Surendran played the role of Nag’s niece. On the whole, Dussehra is likely to increase the number of movies like Godfather and Ghost.

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