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The Nasdaq Is Down for a 5th Straight Day. Stay-at-Home…

Nasdaq: The financial exchange is getting shellacked, forced by a disturbing spike in Covid-19 cases, specifically among the unvaccinated. The Nasdaq Composite, off over 1%, is on target for its fifth in a row down day—the most exceedingly awful losing streak since October.

Confronted with a recognizable danger, financial backers have responded in unsurprising style, and are escaping to a similar stay-at-home plays that prospered a year prior.

What Are the Listing Requirements for the NASDAQ?

Here’s the place where they’re going as the pandemic reasserts itself:

Online retailers: Investors are purchasing up the absolute greatest recipients of the pandemic period, including the pet food vender Chewy (CHWY), which is up 6%, further retailer Wayfair (W), up 4%; handiwork market Etsy (WTSY), a significant dealer of veils, up 3%, and web based shopping programming monster Shopify (SHOP), up 2%.

Distributed computing: The pandemic sped up appropriation of distributed computing, boosting the supposed advanced change pattern. DocuSign (DOCU), (OKTA), Snowflake (SNOW), PagerDuty (PD), and (ASAN) are largely exchanging unobtrusively higher.

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PC creators: Working from home and far off learning drove up interest for PCs, and keeping in mind that there have been worries that development is directing, the caseload spike has livened up revenue in the stocks once more. Both HP Inc. (HPQ) and (DELL) are exchanging partially higher.

The standard suspects: These stocks are the stay-at-home heroes: Teledoc (TDOC) is up 2%, Peloton (PTON), up 6% and (ROKU), up 1%.

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